Thursday, March 2, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 3/1/17

Keep It Moving

This week brings a batch of covers that exhibit some really nice composition and movement, which is welcome when so many comic book covers consist of characters standing around or are drawn versions of the grade school photo featuring a frontal and profile view in the same image. But first, in honor of Get Fresh Crew member Toby Hagen and fine illustration everywhere, I'd like to extend an Honorable Mention to the variant cover for this week's issue of Harley Quinn. The composition isn't really interesting enough to make the actual list (indeed, it's more a gag cover in the MAD magazine tradition), but the line and form are absolutely impeccable. I know Frank Cho gets some guff on the internet for drawing "cheesecake," but if you can't appreciate work like this then I feel for you!
Harley Quinn #15 variant
Frank Cho & Laura Martin

Aquaman #18 variant
Joshua Middleton
I think perhaps we can start calling this "the Joshua Middleton section," considering the frequency with which his Aquaman variant covers wind up on this list. I think this is marvelous, though the coloring does a lot of the work. Choosing to fill the space with mostly water and sharks is a smart bit of design, too.

Cyborg #10 variant
Carlos d'Anda
 Here's a cover that technically has the title character standing, but boy is it explosive! The whole thing swings wildly to the upper left side of the image, and the psychedelic background adds an element of unpredictability to it. I also love how the reflective lines in Cyborg's body mirror the clambering rats.

Midnighter and Apollo #6
Light and dark, heaven and hell, left and right, this cover has all the binaries covered! Uh, except for like an infinite number of other binary conditions. This cover is really dynamic but has the composition of a classic portrait. The gritty coloring also helps to give this image an "antique" look. Suitable for framing in a baroque frame.

Green Arrow #18
Otto Schmidt
I feel like we haven't seen Otto Schmidt on covers lately, but I'm glad to greet his work again! A very simple but effective image with great layout and depth. I don't know if it's wrong of me to say, but this cover is reminiscent of the work of the great Darwyn Cooke, and I mean that in the greatest possible sense.

Death of Hawkman #6 variant
Bill Sienkiewicz
 This looks like Hawkman heard you said he was a silly character, and now he's gonna kick your ass! I love this variant cover, but there's really not much more to say about it except Bill Sienkiewicz is an incredible artist. This could be the movie poster for an awesome Hawkman film, or even the cover to a sexy Hawkman mass market paperback. They make those, right?


  1. Great choices, Reggie. I don't understand why people don't like a bit of cheesecake every now and then, but never mind, eh? I think it's a toss-up between that Aquaman cover and the Sienkiewicz Hawkman cover with the Hawkman just edging it. My goodness that is one glorious image. He's screaming "This. Is. Thanagar!" isn't he? You know he is. :)

  2. Death of Hawkman takes the cake. Even the main cover wasn't too bad which is the same as I would say for the Aquaman main cover. In fact I consider both Aquaman main and variant covers as some of the best thing out of Rebirth.