Thursday, March 23, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 3/22/17

My Forehead is Peeling

Hello again! Many apologies for missing last week, I was away in Florida and could only commit to the essential contributions to Weird Science DC Comics. Meaning, specifically, my reviews. I'm sure there were some swell comic book covers last week, unfortunately there was no Great Arbiter to judge and order them in a group of five! What a shame. Yesterday's spent, so let's focus on the definitively best DC Comics covers for this week!
Doom Patrol #5 variant
Farel Dalrymple
This M.C. Escher-esque piece is pretty dense, but still has a lot of motion due to the composition and color. Plus some nice fan-service, for new and old fans of Doom Patrol.

 Batman Beyond #6 variant
Martin Ansin
I haven't been reading Batman Beyond, but this cover makes me wish I had! This image is pretty striking and grotesque, and the muted cover gives it an even eerier appeal.

The Flash #19 variant
 Howard Porter & Hi-Fi
I'm going to tell you something about myself: I love giant spiders. I don't particularly like spiders, indeed I'd say they creep me out a little. But there's something viscerally horrifying about giant spiders that appeals to me. Just the implication of this cover is enticing.

Mother Panic #5
Tommy Lee Edwards
This cover is a clinic on proper use of perspective. You can almost feel the depth below the main character in the pit of your stomach. The rats are an extra touch that makes it feel even more dangerous.

Batgirl #9
Chris Wildgoose
I'm sure some might disagree with my top choice this week, and those people would be wrong. This cover is great in composition and form, but most of all it's incredibly enticing. You just want to know what happens when Batgirl gets busted on a B&E by the Penguin. Of course, this scene actually takes place at the very end of the issue, but by the time you figure that out you've been parted from three bucks.


  1. Glad to see the DP Variant cover up there. Really liked it.

  2. Hate to be that guy to point out The first thing that pop in my head,but The batgirl cover looks like Barbra is going to do something dirty with penguin.

    1. It looks like the start of some porno where Penguin is surprising her as Barbara just Oops! run's in to his crotch.

    2. I was thinking the same exact thing when I saw this on the rack. It's just so wrong.

  3. The covers for Shroom Patrol and Batman Beyond are the same kind of momentum in them.