Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Flash #19 Review

Father Figure

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Jesus Merino, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Andy Owens, Chris Sotomayor and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 21, 2017

I was a big fan of Sean Ryan's New Suicide Squad near the end of the New 52 and while that may just seem like random love, it's actually not just that.  That's the story where we last saw Reverse Flash which ended up being a redemption story.  Yea, he's still a villain, but Daniel West died a hero no matter what anyone says.  That leads us to this issue and a little worry I have...will Joshua Williamson go with that (it is still in continuity, but you never know) or worse yet, will Wally West even find out the truth.  That second part is the worrisome one since they are going to Boomerang for answers and he isn't usually very reliable. So, what do we find out?  Let's jump in and see...

The issue opens with our heroes (and Boomerang) tied up and facing the firing squad of Crocodile Dundee...I mean the Weaver Clan.  Of course, Boomerang is running his mouth and quickly comes up with a plan.  Not a great plan, but a plan nonetheless.  

He convinces the Weaver's to let him and Flash go in order to showoff their guns and eventually own the gun that killed the Flash.  I'm not sure why villains fall for crap like this, but the guy is dressed up like an 80s movie icon that nobody under the age of 25 even remembers.

I have to admit, when I heard the BFG was made of parademon scraps, I became a whole lot more interested and the old school art kept me there.  Then Flash quoted Laurel and Hardy and I wondered if Williamson was trying to sneak things by people of writing this issue just for me.

I know this is the Flash's book, but this issue is all about Wally and Kid Flash is up to the task.  He gives Boomerang a run for his money and even calls him mate which actually made me laugh out loud.  Then things get more solemn when Boomerang tells Wally what he needs to hear.

Guess what...Boomerang (and Williamson) get the story right!  Again, as someone who read and loved the original, I am a happy man.  And a sad one as Wally wonders why Daniel didn't tell him the truth about being his father.

It's an emotional scene that gets even more so when Barry tells Wally his biggest secret.  It doesn't make things better, but it seems to help a bit...until the subject of Iris comes up.  Barry and Wally obviously have differing ideas on secret identities and who should know about them and because of that, Wally heads off on his own.

That's when things go from touching to crazy.  I mean...CRAZY!  The cliffhanger is really something I couldn't fully explain even if I spoiled it and since I won't, you just have to trust me.  CRAZY!!!  It has me suddenly intrigued for the big Button crossover coming up.

I liked this issue, but while it sucks for Wally to find out his dad is gone, I was really hoping the way he died would have more impact on him.  He did die a hero and I thought that was going to be something bigger for Wally.  It may turn out that way once he has time to think about it...I hope.  

Merino and Di Giandomenico do a good job on art with the old school touches in the beginning really making my day. Di Giandomenico continues to improve, but I really want more of Merino in the future as well.

Bits and Pieces:

Joshua Williamson gives fans a heart warming and breaking issue that gives Wally some closure and opens up some strange possibilities in the near future.  The art was strong and the issue moved fast and while we got some nice reveals, some parts felt a bit empty.  Still, it was a good issue that fans of the book should enjoy.



  1. I've dipped my toes back into Flash with this arc and didn't hate it but Wally is an emotional butterfly, depending what way the wind blows he's either happy or sad. The forced drama between Barry and Wally I could do without bonus points for Boomerang being Boomerang and Continuity

    1. A dancing running snowflake and a Wally West imitation.