Monday, May 15, 2017

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #7 Review - Marvel Monday

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #7 Review

Writer: Gerry Conway
Art Team: Ryan Stegman, Jesus Aburtov
Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 10, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Do Daycare

What would happen if Spider-Man and Mary Jane had a daughter that went on adventures with the daughter of Jean Gray and Wolverine … “oh what a world it would be” you might find yourself saying right now. Well wonder no more my friends, because that is exactly how last issues events were left dangling, after the Parker family’s visit to the X-Mansion was crashed by Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, who’ve arrived on campus taking the two super daughters along for the ride. Let’s not waste any more time here and discover to just what extent these two Super-Dads will go to rescue their lovely little ladies in one of Marvel Comics current must reads in my opinion.

Little time is wasted as we get right to the action, with a switcheroo being played by Wolverine and Spider-Man on Mist Mistress (one of Magnetos Brotherhood), before the pair storms off through the halls of the X-mansion on a quest to deal with the remaining members of the BHoEM. Meanwhile, outside Cyclops and Mary Jane are still discussing whether this is a good place for Annie to attend, before being interrupted by the Blob, who is busy providing a distraction while Magneto and a newly introduced Emma Frost enter Cerebro.

This month’s issue is an extremely quick read, but also a very entertaining one as well, with some creative paneling, and great fight scenes, taking up the majority of the second act of our issue. Spider-Man and Wolverine work their way through the mansion dispatching any ‘bad guy’ brave enough to take the two veteran crime fighters on whole Cyclops and Mary Jane end up dispatching Blob. 
Meanwhile in Cerebro as Emma struggles to take control of the telepathic tool, Spiderling and Shine discuss with a ‘bad in this universe’ Jubilee about loyalty questioning how she could turn her back on her ‘family’. While the Brotherhood is distracted Shine, the daughter of Wolverine and Jean Gray, uses a display of powers to buy her and Annie time enough to sneak away from the Brotherhood and hunt down help. 

The issue act of our issue begins its conclusion with a scene in the hallway as Jubilee attempts to track down the two youngsters, but runs into the two proud Papas instead. A sneak attack from Annie knocks out Jubilee as a threat and the group moves on to Cerebro, and the final boss battle.  Together as a family, despite Peter’s continued trepidations, they’re able to overcome the machinations of Emma Frost, who ultimately also double crossed Magneto, trying to force all mutants under her control via Cerebro’s influence. The issue concludes with Peter and MJ stating they’ll discuss Annie possibly attending the Mansion after their minds have cleared, as the Brotherhood is hauled off to the clink, while also setting up the next  arc of the series … but you’ll have to buy the issue to see what future treats are in store, but ill promise long time Spider fans will be excited.

Overall this book continues to be the Spider title I enjoy the most. The action is always drawn with care and precision, the story is a combination of lighthearted action and fun, while providing just enough changes to this universe to keep it fresh and interesting. I love how the story arcs have varied from several issues long, to one shots, to complete 6 issues arcs providing a variety to keep the reader on their toes not knowing what to expect, especially if you ignore solicits. If you’re a Spider-Man fan or even a fan of Marvel comics with a more classic feel you deserve to give this title a change and you’ll likely not regret it.

Bits and Pieces

Renew Your Vows continues to provide a fresh take on a different version of the Marvel universe while highlighting the plights, fun, and drama of Peter fighting crime with his family.  Action, laughs, and some great art, and fun stories have propelled this to a Marvel must have.  



  1. This was damn near a perfect 10 for me. I'm so glad I jumped on board this series since the last issue.

  2. I really loved this book and this series as whole. My only complaint is that this issue kinda resolved a bit to quickly for me. I needed at least one more issue with Shine/Spiderling team up.