Thursday, May 18, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 5/17/17

This List is Infused With Fumes from Hard Water

All the online chatter about DC Comics pertains to the Flash #22 and the conclusion of a crossover titled "The Button," but I want to determine how good or bad a comic is based solely on its cover! So let's just hop right to it!

Green Lanterns #23 variant
Emanuela Lupacchino and Michael Atiyeh
On Twitter the other day, I saw someone ask an illustrator if perspective and foreshortening are important in comic book art. To that creator's credit, they didn't laugh the poor bastard into the Stone Age. Yes, Virginia Woolf, perspective and foreshortening are important, and here's an example of why. The coloring does some good work here too, allowing that oversized construct backpack to really pop.

Super Sons #4
Jorge Jimenez & Alejandro Sanchez
This cover doesn't look like anything too special at a glance, but once considered you can see its beauty. The composition of the page, divided by a character that looks like Lil Black Racer, and splitting the image into "red and blue" and "green and yellow" sides is really smart. The pencilling ain't anything to sneeze at, either.

The Flash #22 variant
Jason Fabok
Here's how you trap a Reggie: place this cover under a box propped up by a stick, tie a string to the stick and yank it away when the Reggie is in the "drop zone." Satires, parodies, homages--I love 'em all. And when they're rendered by the super-talented Jason Fabok, I love 'em even more. The juxtaposition of modern and old-style illustration is just wonderful.

Trinity #4 variant
Bill Sienkewicz
Yeah, I'd be just fine with a zombie-themed DC Comics series drawn by Bill Sienkewicz. The guy is a master at this scratchy, loose style, and the coloring on this cover (which I'm not sure he did) is absolutely spot-on. 

Aquaman #23 variant
Joshua Middleton
Continuing the theme of skull-faced heroes, here's the variant cover for Aquaman #23. This also continues my ongoing series of gaping in awe at Joshua Middleton's Aquaman variants. Seriously DC, that coffee table book containing these covers? Get on that. Hell, you can make it a full artist's showcase, just be sure to include the amazing covers he's done since the beginning of Rebirth.


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  2. Green Lanterns #23 the best one. I would've picked The Flash, but Jay Garrick was young and he barely even appeared in the comic.