Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Batman / TMNT Adventures #6 Review

Batman / TMNT Adventures #6 Review

Writer: Matthew K. Manning
Art Team: Jon Sommariva, Sean Parsons, Matt Herms

Release Date: May 10, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

The Epilogue of the Future

Well after a strange random month off in its publication schedule we jump back into the world of Batman TMNT Adventures to get a glimpse of its final issue, or ‘the Epilogue’ as it’s called by fancier people than me, to see how everything wraps up apparently at some random point in this comics future. So, with most of the big guns already handled and dealt with in previous issues, who’s left for our heroes to tussle with? Jump in and find out with my delayed review and response to Batman TMNT Adventures #6. (Note: Review delayed because title not placed in my pullbox last week. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!)

Things kick off with Bruce and what we find out later is a new Robin, possibly Jason Todd from context clues. The two are at a theater taking in a black and white flick starring one of Bruce’s longtime favorite characters the Gray Ghost, a nice callback to Animated Series fans.  Its not long before the show is interrupted however as we see shit has gone down, again in Gotham, with familiar pink triangles popping up all over Hell’s half acre.

Batman and Robin head off on the ‘highway to the danger zone’ joining Batgirl already in action, as the pace to the book is so rapid at this point, with so much being thrown at you reference and appearance wise, while also discovering the jump in time at this point, leaving me very confused about the events occurring.  The Turtles, not ones to be left out of a party, arrive to aid Batman and company handling much of Krang hoard being teleported all over Gotham, as Batman and Raphael run off to determine a final solution to this developing situation.

After a lot of exposition to catch the reader up about the events of this comic, while also doing a lot of leg work to wrap up the mini-series, we find Batman and Raph confront Jonathan Crane in Arkham, who was apparently developing a final solution to this whole Krang drama occurring, after his own chance encounter from the beginning of the mini-series.  With this new info in hand Batman and Raph use the many blimps populating Gotham, conveniently loaded with fear gas, to dispel any remaining threat left.  The mini-series wraps up with a chuckle as everyone again heads off to their own worlds maybe to cross paths again one day.

Overall this issue, serving as an epilogue to the mini-series, felt like an unnecessary addition, heavy on exposition and solutions out of thin air, lacking the charm of the first five issues, instead going heavy of cheesy cameos after a substantial time jump.  The art is still worth a look see for fans of either cartoon property, and a few of the jokes do hit home, but ultimately unless you’re a completionist and need to complete the series this is a passable affair.

Bits and Pieces

Batman TMNT Adventures concludes with a thud, throwing in what felt like an afterthought of an issue, to a story that already felt mostly complete. Unless you need the final issue of the series or need more of this art style this is an issue to avoid.


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