Thursday, October 12, 2017

Best DC Comics Covers of the Week 10/11/17

Where, Oh Where, Has My "Best Covers of the Week" Gone?

Folks, mea culpa. It's been two weeks since I did a round-up of the best DC Comics covers of the week,  and I know it's caused anguish and near-riots in some sectors. I have no better excuse other than my usual routine being upended by a bathroom remodel, and this was the thing that got squeezed out of my brain while I kept a running list of a dozen other things. It can only hold like fourteen things, total! Sorry about that, but I am back, and ready to present the definitive, inarguable list of best comic book covers to come from DC Comics this week!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #15
Mike McKone & Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Justice League of America #16
Andy Kubert
Oh, Dialogue Balloon on Comic Book Covers, I can't quit you. Both of these covers are nice in their own right--the JLA cover slightly better than Red Hood, but they're both eye-grabbing. It's hard to give either an edge: Red Hood and the Outlaws wins because of Jason Todd's Detective Comics pun, but Justice League of America wins because of the composition. They're both winners! Of sixth place.

Detective Comics #966 variant
Rafael Albuquerque
 You know, I didn't even notice that Batman was holding guns in this picture at first. I was struck more by the duotone and awesome near-symmetry of the cover. Outline the cover logo in the same red used in the image, and you've got a winner. Of fifth place.

Wildstorm Michael Cray #1 variant
Gene Ha
I understand. I do this same thing when Katy Perry comes on the radio. Joking aside, this is a really bad-ass cover, all frozen bits of broken glass and ejecting bullet shells and folds in a suit jacket and a less-than-menacing grimace. Dude looks like he's having fun shooing a gun out through the windshield of this car. And I'm having fun looking at it!

Supergirl #14 variant
Stanley Lau
This is the second Stanley Lau Supergirl variant that's caught my eye, and I have to say it may become a trend. There's a quality similar to Disney's The Incredibles in the rendering, but I really like the blithe, pleased look on this woman who sees Supergirl flying by, as shown in the window's reflection. There's a whole story here to be told, the gist of which is that Supergirl is such a frequent presence, it's nothing to get excited fact, it is calming and assuring. Also this woman has a cat named "Fleebers," but you can't tell that from the cover.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #15
Yanick Panquette
Heroes or other characters expressing shock at a pile of felled superheroes is nothing new, there are dozens of covers like this in composition. But the faces here are so expressive, I had to give this cover a nod. Black Canary has a face like "yeesh," while Catwoman is almost smirking. Poison Ivy, immune to all disease, is mildly interested. Coloring the bodies on the ground red along with the female symbol in the back is a nice touch, and helps push the full-color characters to the front.

The Flash #32 variant
Howard Porter
Wow. Is this even a comic book cover, or a treatment for some new movie about the vulgarities of prison life? Coloring Barry and his shadow, with The Flash logo, against the grey prisoners is striking enough. But then the prisoners are rendered in a sketchy style that makes them seem at once intangible and extra threatening. I don't even know what happens in this issue, but I think I'm aiming to find out!

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  1. Glad to see the covers of the week return! Never saw that variant on Flash in my local shop, but I wish I did, that looks ace!