Monday, October 9, 2017

Spirits of Vengeance #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Spirits of Vengeance #1

Writer: Victor Gischler  
Art Team: David Baldeon, Andres Mossa, VC’s Cory Petit
Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 4, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Story About the Dark Side

One of the few #1’s of Marvel Legacy dropped this week, Spirits of Vengeance, featuring some of the darker heroes not seen to often lately in the Marvel U.  This is all kind of new to me, because for all I knew Johnny Blaze was dead, and after seeing the other Ghost Rider in Legacy, I was more than intrigued to read on. So let’s get right too it and see what the O.G. Ghost Rider and Crew are up too.

In a Route 66 Diner Johnny Blaze drinks some coffee alone, while the Server scares the living shit out of me about the amount of coffee I drink.  An unnamed mystical, sexy, long haired dude comes strolling in and takes a seat next to Johnny. He hands him some special bullet, while bleeding his ass off, telling him to take it to Hellstrom, before exploding into a fire angel.

Johnny attempts to take off on his quest when he confronted by two creepy looking Super Troopers.  The troopers make reference to handing over something that doesn't belong to him … I'm assuming the bullet he has … this is not a good idea dummies. Everyone reveals their form: the cops are demons, while Johnny is obviously Ghost Rider, and then as Ghost Rider proceeds to roast them quite quickly.  

Johnny finally arrives at Damien Hellstorms place of residence as they discuss the Bullet in question. Johnny points out the demons who came after him in a book as they ponder what to do about this mysterious item that Hellstrom has no answers for either.

The two head off to the Bronx to visit of ‘friend’ of Hellstrom’s named Curtis.  Curtis is not a very good looking individual, who is also blind and prefers to eat over other activities, and appears to have once been a big fn’ deal, but is now cursed to this life.  Curtis doesn't tell them much about this bullet other than there’s a “strong vibe coming off it” and “so many old things are resurfacing”.  He sends them off to the clucking hens of Wall Street.

Elsewhere ... Necrodamus and Razan discuss the events we’ve been watching occur on Earth, appear to need this lone bullet back badly, since they keep referring to it as the “silver”.  Necrodamus sends Razan off to Earth to retrieve what the cop demons could not and she's put on a time crunch. Necrodamus, being the nice guy he is, gives Razan the Bloodhound who will lead her.  If you're wondering what ‘the Bloodhound’ is think a hairless Damien’s Goliath without wings, or the dog thingys that attack Rick Moranis from GhostBusters I.

Next stop for Damien and Johnny is the Wall Street club where Curtis sent them, however they find a mostly empty restaurant for what seems to be for gossipy dark magic or antiheroes.
They get some ominous info again about something that is coming but little to no answers regarding what anyone is talking about … and none for their bullet.  Damien places one last call to someone that runs in the same circles they do, who is …. you’ll find out shortly

To wrap the issue up we check in on what looks to be a normal run of the mill robbery at first glance. The crooks try to escape but are quickly thwarted when the driver receives a sword through the chest through the side window. We see for sure now the crooks are vampires, as they stumble out of the now crashed van, and are confronted by a shadowy figure.  One of the Vamps takes a sword blow knocking his head clean off, as the narration over the scene is Hellstorm leaving a message for this individual as he is finally revealed. Our cliffhanger reveals BLADE looking mighty Wesley Snipey ... 100% ok with me.

Overall we create a pretty good introduction, that meandered a little in the middle on their goose hunt for information, but came back around in the end with its final reveal.  It looks like there’s 1 more member  to hunt down to get this team together and off to their mission, so the pacing seems decent so far. The art is mostly fun to look at with a few hiccups, Ghost Rider on the full quarter page shot looked a little funky, but overall everything else looked clean. I'm intrigued where this story ends up becuase it mildly has the feeling of being kind of a big deal but we'll see.

Bits and Pieces

Spirits of Vengeance gets off on the right foot introducing everyone to its intriguing cast of characters and sending them off on their way.  Not many answers so far but the quality seems there enough to keep me coming back for now.


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