Monday, October 9, 2017

Iron Fist #73 Review - Marvel Monday

Fist Questions

Written by: Ed Brisson
Art by: Mike Perkins
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 4, 2017
Review by: Aaron Anderson

Well, Legacy has arrived. What does that mean exactly? I really have no clue. Except for re-numbering to the "old" numbering. If you can truly call it that since the longest running Iron Fist title was only 27 issues. But...that is neither here nor there. What really matters is the story. Is it good does it flow well with the art? Does the art and story complement and complete each other?  That is what makes a comic enjoyable in my opinion. Well let's find out.

We open in Liu-Shi. The island that Iron Fist spent the first five issues on fighting and trying to discover how to regain full use of his Chi. Yaozu Prison, more specifically, is where the island inhabitants have been holding Choshin who is the main antagonist in the first arc. Choshin's driving force is his want to restore his people to their former glory in K'un-Lun. Apparently Lui-Shi's court system is as slow as ours or they just had a big back log. Because Choshin is awaiting trial still and Iron Fist has already flown around the world fought a horde and then flown to New York. The trial doesn't matter though cause Choshin is not staying in jail any longer with the help of Eel of Blessed Waters and Long-armed Bull. It turns out to be a bad deal for Long-armed Bull though because he was Choshin's prized fighter that was supposed to kill Iron Fist and take the Chi of Shou Lao so they could capture K'un-Lun. Long-armed Bull failed so Choshin kills him and takes back House of Bull's master position and the Chi he gave Long-armed when he chose to join the council position. After that Chosin of House Bull and Eel of Blessed Waters hop on to a ship that is also carrying Rat of 12 Plagues and they dip for New York City in pursuit of Iron Fist.

Danny Rand is freshly arrived in New York and looks like shit. Which shouldn't be surprising considering he has been traveling the globe getting his ass kicked but coming out on top doing it. We catch up with him as he reaches the elevator to his building and enters his Penthouse suit. And..Holy Shit he has Shou-Lao the Dragon in his apartment in like an aquarium, for dragons, and he feeds him live cows. It's pretty bad ass and hilarious. This is a new development I knew nothing about. I knew Danny was trying to get back to K'un Lun but I didn't know he had Shou-Lao with him in dragon form. That is an interesting story thread for another time. Because Danny notices the book he needs to get him back to K'un Lun, which was in his apartment the whole time, has been stolen.

Later that night Danny walks into a deserted bar to ask Sabertooth for a favor. Sabertooth, having fought against Iron Fist literally since his inception, is not inclined to help and a fight breaks out. The two just destroys the bar. Danny throws the owner a pile of money for the inconvenience like any good rich white man would, and they go on wrecking shop. Till they get it out of their systems. Sabertooth finally looks at the snap shot from the only security camera to get a glimpse of the burglar and it gives Sabertooth pause. It gave me pause too. I stopped reading and whispered under my breath Omega Red.

We then return to Choshin on his ship on its way to port in New York. His helper informs him Rat of 12 Plagues is eating the help. Choshin tells Rat to control himself. They are almost to shore and then he will have all the food he wants. At the docks Choshin meets with more help named Liwei. Liwei introduces Choshin to Constrictor his new muscle.

Bits and Pieces:

The Iron Fist team of Brisson, Perkins, Troy, and Lanham continue to kick ass in this issue. This is more of a set up issue but it is a good one. The team give you a couple of teases for the future, with a good helping  of the past to catch people up who want to jump on.


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