Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Injustice 2 #31 Review

Injustice 2 #31

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Mike S. Miller, J. Nanjan
DC Comics
Release Date: November 7, 2017
Cover Price: $.99

Free At Last

Injustice 2 wrapped up last week with Damien and Black Adam sending Supergirl in to recover and rescue Wonder Woman from the Amazons. Yes, you read all that correctly. This is the Injustice Universe after all, you just don't know what will happen at any given time, and your favorite someone may just up and die on you at any moment.  Am I hinting at something … you’ll have to read on and find out.

The issue begins where we left off last week as Nubia and her Army of Amazons come closing in on Antiope and her much smaller army including Supergirl. A little banter between the two parties gets them nowhere, leading to Nubia about to strike, when Supergirl steps in throwing her threw a wall!!!  

Supergirl splits from the rest of her group with Philippus on the search to rescue Wonder Woman while the other hold them off. When they discover the captured Diana she warns them the chains shes held in are forged by Zeus and meant to hold gods.  Supergirl picks them up and breaks them without a second thought ... mission accomplished right?

Wrong … Nubia comes storming into the room and charges into Supergirl with a force. She starts hammering on Supergirl before being stopped and then beat down in a little 3 on 1 special and stripped of the Wonder Woman armor which Diana promptly takes back.  

The issue concludes with Supergirl, Diana, Antiope and company heading for the hills, running away from the Amazon army, as they stumble upon a boat quickly boarding in an attempt to get away.  Will they make it in time, how will they hold off an army twice their size, you'll have to part with those $.99 to find out people but you get a nice cliffhanger ending as usual.

Overall, the Injustice 2 series has increased the focus on Supergirl and her adventures lately, spearheaded by Black Adam, and this issue follow suit.  We’ve seemingly fallen into a series of two issue arcs lately with Supergirl which I personally haven't been as into but are still well done. I'm just eager to see this team of Black Adam's assembled and headed to Earth to see what all starts popping off I'm just not very patient.  

I still love the art, every issues action, transitions, and paneling is always great. Something you can always count on for enjoyment surely.

Bits and Pieces

Supergirl continues to shine in the latest arc of Injustice 2 #31 as the adventure on Themyscira wraps up and is now headed elsewhere.  I like what happens here just eager to get back to Earth now.


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