Monday, November 6, 2017

Iron Fist #74 Review - Marvel Monday

Sabertooth Round 2

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Mike Perkins
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: November 1, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

The Iron Fist Sabertooth Team Up commences in This Kung Fu Thriller. So, Bust out the Popcorn Put on the Extra Butter and Ruin this Comic with your Excitement like I did! Err?? Wait a minute I mean...sigh...damn you Double Entendres you Villainous Fiend you Struck Again!!

We open with Iron Fist and Sabertooth in the graveyard. More Specifically, they are digging up the grave of one Frank Payne the original Constrictor. Sabertooth just needs to confirm that Frank is dead, and that the person that broke into Danny's Penthouse was an imposter. Which pisses Sabertooth off, because like him Constrictor also switched from villain to a good guy, before his untimely demise.

Across town in the Bronx we catch up with Choshin being shown to his new home. Liwei has acquired a derelict old warehouse building to Choshin's distain. Liwei apologizes to Choshin and explains this isn't a good representation of how Americans live but he figured discretion was of utmost importance. Choshin agrees, and inquires whether Liwei has converted the gold he sent ahead of his journey to New York. Liwei says he has the One Million in Hundred Dollar bills in the briefcase he is struggling to carry around.  (Fun Fact: 1 million dollars in $100 bills weighs 22.05 lbs)

Sabertooth and Iron Fist's next stop is the IN-Famous Bar with No Name. Sabertooth is looking for answers. This group of Z listers, unfortunately for them, is where he came to get them. Tarantula is the one Sabertooth focuses all his attention on.

This whole four page sequence really is excellent. Sabertooth forces his way into the bar. Going through Bruiser who was guarding the door. The dialogue builds up the end result great. The end result being taken care of off panel in three minutes in a nice humorous moment. All the while they make their way through the bar Danny is stating his amazement that he is actually at this mythical bar. This a comic that has many humorous moments. Brisson does a very good job at playing theses two characters off each other as any good team up comic should do.

When Sabertooth presses Tarantula for information Tarantula fights back. Sabertooth beats the shit out of Tarantula and only Tarantula. While Iron Fist gets the remaining 100 or so Z grade villains at the bar. Tarantula finally begs Sabertooth to stop hitting him. As Tarantula spills the beans on everything he knows concerning Constrictor, a middle man named Soapy, and the burglary of Danny's Penthouse. Danny has to continue to kick ass in the background while these two talk it out.

We then jump back across town again to Long Island. At the chosen meeting spot of Constrictor's. For the hand off of the Book of the Iron Fist, in return, for the payment of One Million Dollars. Problem is this New Constrictor is not a very honorable villain and he wants to put the "Squeeze" on Choshin for another million. Choshin says No and tells Rat of 12 Plagues to take care of Constrictor.

Constrictor has brought back up of his own, in the form of The Serpent Society, and now he wants 3 million. He is nice though and gives Choshin 24 hrs to come up with the money or he will sell The Book of the Iron Fist to the highest bidder.

Danny and Victor make another stop on their Battle for the Book. This time it's a laundry mat. Soapy's main haunt and by the time Iron Fist and Sabertooth leave Soapy is all washed up.

Because of Constrictor's dishonorable ways Choshin has called in reinforcements. In the form of Eel of Blessed Waters and a whole boat load of Liu-Shi warriors.

At the end Iron Fist and Sabertooth smash into the apartment building that Constrictor and the Serpent Society are hiding out in minutes before Choshin and his army do the same.
Leaving me super excited for next issue.

Mike Perkins' fight scenes have really been stellar all the way through this series, and considering all the warm bodies in this tiny room at the end of this issue, next issue is guaranteed to be another wild ride.

Bits and Pieces:

I can't say it enough, I Love This Series. It is a crazy Kung Fu, beat up everyone you meet along the way, adventure every time.


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