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Injustice 2 Annual #1 Review

Injustice 2 Annual #1

Writers: Tom Taylor, K. Perkins, Brian Buccellato
Art Team: Marco Santucci, Jamal Campbell, David Yardin, J. Nanjan, Pop Mahn
DC Comics
Release Date: November 29, 2017
Cover Price: $4.99

Injustice 2 for 1

Well this issue frankly snuck in the release schedule on me. I’m usually just fine with a quick little Injustice 2 story on Tuesday to scratch my comic book itch until Wednesday arrives, but this week is one of those crazy fifth weeks of the month, so more Injustice 2 is happening. Rumor from the man who counts clicks (that's Jim) is these Injustice Annuals usually aren't too shabby, so let's check in on this two for one adventure, featuring a Wonder Woman Injustice origin and some Harley goodness.

Wonder Woman
Writers: Tom Taylor, K. Perkins
Art Team: Marco Santucci, Jamal Campbell, David Yardin, J. Nanjan

The first story, which takes up the majority of the book, is Wonder Woman’s Injustice origin story and while it does not vary too wildly from the story most of us know, there are a few nice twists and turns added to keep it fresh, and ultimately grab you by the heart strings in the end.  The book starts off with a typical meeting between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor who then, much like the movie, takes her back to the Great War going on.

At about the halfway point of our story is where it goes a tad off the rails and my enjoyment level increased dramatically.  As Steve hunts for the leak in the spy chain he begins to lose it, Wonder Woman takes him back to Themyscira, trying to get access to the lasso through a discussion with her mother.  Just as progress seems to be made, a failed heist by Steve to obtain the lasso results in a dead Amazonian, drawing the wrath of Wonder Woman as she discovers his darkest secrets.  

Although the beginning of this story had me questioning why it was made, with very little different from the movie we all just saw, at least it looked great, and did build the Steven/Diana bond well. The second half of the book, although varying in art quality and style, story wise really brought the conclusion home with an impact.  This tale by Taylor and Perkins is really well written, being both heartfelt and brutal at the same time. It truly makes you understand this Wonder Woman’s point of view, even if you don’t agree with it.   


Harley Quinn’s Horde
Writer: Brian Buccellato
Artist: Pop Mhan, J. Nanjan

The second story is slightly more brief and takes place prior to Injustice 2 #1 events begin. Although it involves Harley in theory the back up here really follows 6 people Harley trained and worked with code named: Gary (who passed), Terry, Perry, Jerry, Barry, and Larry.  

We check in on each remaining member of the crew at their current mundane jobs, post Injustice 1, after the group has disbanded.  They meet once a week at Bar Kitty to relive old times, have a drink, and hope Harley one day shows back up to get the gang back together.  

The good times don't last long from there, as during one of their training sessions, the Suicide Squad C team consisting of Clock King, Magpie, Killer Moth, and Polka-Dot Man come busting in to take them all out.  Harley’s Horde ends up getting the upper hand on the C list Squad and decides to take off to the Quiver, Harley’s secret hideout, to warn her the Suicide Squad is on her tail.  

Do they make it to their fearless leader in time to warn her? You'll have to pick up the book to check it out ... but if you’ve been reading Injustice 2 you already know the answer to that question.

Overall this was obviously the weaker of the two stories here in this Annual but was still enjoyable as an action packed issue, that introduced some characters to us that I almost felt like I knew right away. Adding the Suicide Squad C team was a nice touch as well but ultimately, despite some pretty good art by one of my favorite Pop Mahn, there's not much to this story as a whole.


Bits and Pieces

Injustice 2 puts out a recommendable Annual issue for its fans that fills in some back stories for a few of the female centric characters featured in the story at large. The first story has much more meat on its bones than the second one, but I found both enjoyable on their own. The price however is a bit of a burden compared to what Injustice fans are normally used to.


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  1. Personally, I did enjoy the Harley's Horde story but I did feel that this book would have been better served with a touch more focus on Wonder Woman.I would have liked to see more of the aftermath of the reveal on both Wondy and her decisions. Have her in a bunch of moments where she makes a left turn in terms of decision making where the main Wondy makes a right. Nonetheless, this was a good book if a tad bit expensive.