Monday, November 27, 2017

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #25 Review - Marvel Monday

Blue Moon

Written by: Brandon Montclare
Art by: Natacha Bustos
Publisher: Marvel
Publication date: 22nd November 2017
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

That's right it's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur's turn at the Marvel Legacy roundabout. With this being issue 25 this is an anniversary to celebrate...or should that be milestone? Whatever it is it's all about Moon Girl, and not so much about Devil Dinosaur who has exited stage left. Luckily Lunella has teamed up with some other heroes who are missing their partners. Let's see how this makeshift team holds up.

That's right, with the Human Torch and Thing pairing up to accompany Lunella this issue seems a little like the Fantastic Three. Straight outta the grid though what hits you about this book is the delicious art from Natacha Bustos. Like the work of Elsa Charretier, Bustos' style combines a classic comic book look, with block colors and exquisitely quirky character expression to deliver something unique. It is perfectly pitched for Montclare's story which is strong on characterization and humor.

Indeed heart and humor are at the core of this book. The humor employed is of a gentle charming variety as opposed to the Deadpool style. It is a delightfully amusing book, and Montclare finds the perfect pitch to deliver the tone required from Ben and Johnny. He expertly weaves their trademark style with Lunella's very individual tone and in doing so portrays a great chemistry between the three.

The arrival of the Silver Surfer in Manhattan soon interrupts this comfortable pitch. He arrives to give Ms Lafayette and Messrs Grimm and Storm a warning about an ancient cosmic menace on a collision course with Earth, and as we reach the last page, we know that this is going to tax Lunella's super intelligence to the max.

Bits and Pieces

If there is a perfect example of what Marvel's Legacy project should be delivering it's this book. Classic art, with a modern twist. Classic characters and new characters combing to provide humor, sensitivity and drama. Well done to Montclare and Bustos - they've delivered up my highlight of Legacy so far. Moon Girl (and eventually) Devil Dinosaur has made the Legacy transition in style.