Saturday, December 2, 2017

Dark Ark #3 Review (Aftershock Comics)


Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Juan Doe 
Publisher: Aftershock Comics
Release Date: 29 November 2017
Reviewer: Andrew McAvoy 

The problem that you have when you build an Ark and fill it full of mythical monsters, creatures and the like, plus a few humans, is that inevitably it will all end in tears. As the rivalry turns deadly on the Ark it is Shrae, its custodian (our Ark's equivalent of Noah) who is tasked with sorting out the whole sorry mess. Let's see how he's getting on.

Yes Valdoom is dead and Nex is everyone's number one suspect for the murder. Not that he seems to give a rat's ass about everyone's suspicions as he smiles/sneers at them under Shrae's interrogation. In fact he turns the table's on Shrae telling him to stop pretending to be the ship's guardian when he is as much a monster as the rest of them. He seems to be much more clued up on Shrae's mysterious past than some of the others, he seemingly has some knowledge that he can use against Shrae at some point. Following the exchanges Shrae sets about some detective work to track down the murderous party on board.

Bunn's writing and Doe's art in this book, compliment each other to create an atmosphere of claustrophobia upon the Ark. Outside the rain continues to pour down on the ships deck, inside the place is packed full of inhabitants, all plotting and scheming, as rival factions begin to take shape.

At the end of this book though the tensions inside the Ark, are compounded by the threat from the outside. As the boat is invaded from forces emerging from the ocean the tension reaches fever pitch, just as we arrive at the dramatic finale.

Bits and Pieces:

This book is quality, and it times the story switches just at the right time to sustain the reader's attention. The series is so good that I haven't been able to make my joke about the characters not needing an Ark because they are all treading water. Oh look I managed to squeeze it in anyway. Seriously though, this is a top book, and another piece of top quality output - which is now becoming expected - from Aftershock Comics.