Saturday, November 25, 2017

Void Trip #1 Review

Born to be wild

Written by: Ryan O'Sullivan
Art by: Plaid Klaus
Publisher: Image
Release Date: 22 November 2017
Reviewed by: Andrew McAvoy

This is a tale of Ana and Gabe two psychedelic space froot freaks on the road to the promised land of hippy-paradise, the super-planet Euphoria. There's no fun in taking the direct route, so they are meandering on a trip man, a weird trip. I get the feeling that not everyone likes their counter-culture values though. Let's tune in, turn on, and drop into this issue to see what it's, like, all about man. Or not, man, whatever, anything you want, its like, cool with us.

Okay so the first time we meet Ana and Gabe in this issue they are syphoning gas out of an unassuming space trucker's vehicle. Then when he catches them they pretend to have seized the "fuel theft apparatus" off a party of space pirates. Grateful to the two of them for scaring off the pirates the space-trucker thanks them with a gift of fuel! So their plan worked out in the end. As they whizz away off into space Ana is helping herself to some psychedelic froot and explaining to Gabe, why he should chill out, that nobody "owns" fuel and that it comes from the universe. So in fact they were liberating it. Anyway, it doesn't matter because it is all part of their journey to find Euphoria. That's with a capital E as in the super-planet, not with a small e as in the sensation. Speaking of Es who needs them when you have a range of psychedelic froot in front of you?

Yes, this debut issue starts of weird and just gets weirder. This website is called Weird Science DC though and here we appreciate tales of the weird. The nice thing about this issue was that I just loved chilling out with Ana and Gabe on their blissed out journey.

 As with any psychedelia infused experience though, Ana and Gabe get the highs, and then they get the lows. They are too busy getting high and crashing their ship (thanks to Ana's froot-fueled paranoia) to notice that there is someone on their tail.

Bits and Pieces:

At the end of this issue Ana and Gabe have been tracked down despite their best efforts, and one gets the feeling that they are both going to experience a big "low", coming down off this excellent "high" of an issue. This book has me intrigued, and I had a blast with its chilled-out vibe. A fun start to the series.


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