Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Action Comics #992 Review and *SPOILERS*

It's About Time

Written By: Dan Jurgens, Rob Williams
Art By: Will Conrad, Hi-Fi, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 22, 2017

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Now that the Oz Effect is over, it's time to deal with the aftermath, where Superman is trying to find hope in a world that Jor-El has shown him is hopeless.  That's right, Mr. Oz is Superman's dad himself Jor-El and at the end of the last issue we see that there might actually be hope for Superman's daddy after all because when Superman broke Oz' staff, it seemed that Jor-El finally realized all the bad that he was doing.  Too bad that he was instantly whisked away by some mysterious power and Superman was sent back to his Fortress of Solitude with little to no answers about what had gone down.  Well, it's time for our Man of Steel to get those answers and he's not going to let a little thing like time stop him.  Let's jump into this issue and check this out.

Explain It!:

Now even though it appeared to me that Jor-El gained some of his wits about him once Superman broke his staff, it doesn't seem like Clark is really focusing on that fact as our issue begins because he's been hold up in the Fortress of Solitude for days trying to get to the bottom of if Mr. Oz was actually his father and once all roads point to that conclusion, Superman starts having doubts about himself if his father could be this sinister man......... Which is just bullshit and thankfully we have Batman show up to try and lend a ear and a shoulder to the big blue boy scout, where we get a shout out to Bruce's experiences in the button and him telling Superman.......... finally, that something has been manipulating time.

We don't spend anytime exploring this concept with these two though because Superman has to go off and do that whole saving thing, but his quest to learn the truth about Mr. Oz continues in the form of him going to Mogo to see Tomar-Re's recording of when Krypton exploded so that he can find out if he was the one and only person to escape his planet's demise at its final hour.  This is a cool as hell way to get some answers, but it only leads to our hero being frustrated as hell because something has tampered with the file because the second before Krypton explodes, the file is corrupted, which leads Superman to realize that the file is fine, the problem is, someone messed with time.  

In the end, Superman heads to the Watchtower to get answers himself and to do that, he intends on using the Cosmic Treadmill to travel back to Krypton at its final moments and as our hero disappears into time, Skeets shows up and informs Booster Gold that they're a second too late to stop Superman from destroying the timeline as they know it.......... Oops.

That's it for this issue of Action Comics and for those of you that felt that Doomsday Clock focused too much on the Watchmen and not enough on the bigger mysteries of Rebirth, which we all want to learn about, I think that this issue of Action Comics came along at a perfect time because not only does it reference the big events of Rebirth so far, but also shows our Man of Steel taking it upon himself to find out who has been manipulating the entire DC Universe this entire time and who turned his father into the humanity hating Mr. Oz............ not to mention, we have Booster Gold here, which is just cool as hell.  The art in this issue isn't the best, but it was decent enough not to take away from any of my enjoyment of what we got from this issue......... Well, maybe round face Lois threw me off a bit, but not too much.  Overall, this got me hyped as hell for where Action Comics is going because this feels like the most important arc of Rebirth since the Button came out.

Bits and Pieces:

Superman's going to get some answers about everything we've wanted to know about since Rebirth began and I couldn't be happier because the momentum of this issue just kept building and building right up to the cliffhanger, which didn't even put on the brakes there.  I'm all about this arc already and while I wasn't the biggest fan of all the art we got here, the story was strong as hell and I can't wait to get more.



  1. Booster & Skeets that'll keep me on the book until 1000 now for sure ... this issue gave us more info than the entire Oz arc , and at least acknowledged some things we've been waiting for . Good score Shea !