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Secret Warriors #8 Review - Marvel Monday

Secret Warriors #8 Review 

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Art Team: Javier Garron, Will Robson, Israel Silva
Marvel Comics
Release Date: November 15, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Secretly Sinister

Mister Sinister is a favorite villain of mine. It stems from my childhood love of the 90's era X-men cartoon. When I heard he is the lead villain in the Secret Warriors Legacy issue I said..."Call me intrigued and worried." I heard the word Secret in the title and it inspired thoughts of an event fatigue. Secret Empire was going on when this was released and I steered clear of that event because I was just starting to buy Marvel again. In doing so I completely over looked this book. This title is witty, imaginative, and consistently hilarious. It loosely ties to Secret Empire. It spins out of Secret Empire but within a few issues you're pulled in a tangential direction with this team. A team that is just trying to figure stuff out in this thing we all call life.

We open on a children's playground where Mister Sinister is playing collect the lil' Eric Shea. (Not so lil') Eric and his friends are playing with their action figures outside the school. When Mister Sinister, Dark Beast, and a group of other baddies spell Zucchini and bag and tag his obese ass.

Next we hop to Karnak, hard at work at...something?? He is going Post-it happy at his new office job. He got a job from his cousin. He is working in the global distribution department. But, it seems he has something more Sinister in mind for his time at Ennilux.

We arrive in Toledo with the Secret Warrior team is consoling Inferno's sister. Because a couple issues ago Dark Beast came and took Inferno's niece while he was babysitting her. Now it appears that Dark Beast and Mister Sinister are working together.

This series I believe does a wonderful job just skirting by the past history between the Inhumans and Mutants (IvsX). While at the same time feeling heavily steeped in it. Not all of the characters I even know outside of this series but I do not ever feel lost.

This team actually broke up, and this is their actual coming together story. They were cobbled together from necessity. As a result their is a good deal of infighting. No one has really taken charge, yet. Quake is defacto team leader because she has S.H.I.E.L.D. training and she seems to be the most mature. Since S.H.I.E.L.D. has collapsed though she has lost interest in the team. Now it is Moon Girl that seems to be pulling the strings. She is the smartest person on the planet you know.

Moon Girl is trying to figure out where Dark Beast would have taken the child. She looks for help on the internet by way of the Forums. Which gives us hilarious imagery of Hercules using the internet to hang out with kids. Which speaks loads to his maturity.

This Forum chatting brings Magik to Inferno's sister's house surprising the team. She is there to offer her help. Magik is a badass teleporter mutant with mid-evil attire so naturally conflict and resolution ensues.

After pleasantries Magik teleports the team to Dark Beasts last hang out in Former New Tian (X-Men land) to look for clues. Moon Girl finds a manufacturing label and looks it up. Her query is miss directed by Karnak. Karnak used to be part of the team before he was found to have given his own son to Dark Beast for experimentation. Moon Girl still trusts Karnak because they both think logically, but she didn't know he just gave her false info. He is feeding the team bread crumbs.

The wild goose chase leads the team to find connections between Dark Beast and Mister Sinister and a lab that appears to be housing hundreds of " Special Kids."

Bits and Pieces:

I really like this team. Its a classic team dynamic a smart, stretchy, fiery, clobbering good time every ish Excelsior! Seriously though, eight completely enjoyable issues in a row. It has earned my vote of confidence. Give this team time to grow together and the fans will follow.


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