Monday, November 20, 2017

Marvel Madness Comics Podcast Ep. 29

Ep.#29: Not Brand Echh, Secret Warriors, the Punisher, Dr. Strange / Marvel Madness Comics Podcast

We’ve hit the midpoint of November with episode 29 and ‘your boys’ Branden and Trevitt discuss FOUR new titles again from Marvel comics, what else silly. Things vary wildly this week as we feature everything from goof books, featuring a guy wearing a pot on his head, to the ultra violent, and Punisher’s new wardrobe.  As we always tend to do, we get deep into details, and discuss whether or not to buy, borrow, or forget the following titles:

Not Brand Echh #14
Secret Warriors #8
The Punisher #218
Dr Strange #381

In between books we do a team news session about this week's events, take a Timeout with Kenny Powers and Ashley Schaffer, there’s the always popular PSA break about bigotry featuring Archie Bunker, all before we wrap things up discussing what to look forward to next week!

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SPOILER ALERT: all books are talked about in detail with all reveals being discussed. Read your titles first or listen at your own risk.
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