Monday, November 20, 2017

Champions #14 - Review - Marvel Monday

Good Vibrations?

Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Humberto Ramos
Publisher: Marvel
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

Having worried a little bit about how this team-up would work out, I was pleasantly surprised by last issue's joined up efforts. Will the tale continue to surprise me this issue? Or will it give me my first bad issue of Champions since this series started? Come hither and I'll tell you....

So we pick up the tale from the last issue of Avengers. While the High Evolution attack on Earth continues there is plenty of time for experiments with the captured Falcon and Viv Vision. Viv has been "humanised" and is exposed to a tidal wave of hitherto untroubling emotions surging against her. Meanwhile on Earth, Hulk is counteracting the effect of the vibration-attack while he, and assorted team members, fight the Ani-Men.

Once Hulk (the Earth's fifth smartest person after all) works out that he can counteract the force of the Vibration attack through bouncing up and down then things get a lil easier. Eventually he taps on a way to create a portal to reach Viv and Falcon, and they set about on a rescue mission. Oh and while they are at it the whole crew find out that the High Evolutionary plans to crash Earth and Counter Earth into each other.

Look, its like this. I'm a simple man and if Amadeus Cho tells me the science I'll run with it. That said, I didn't really get the logic behind how he just worked out how to counteract the High Evolutionary attack on Earth. But then again, I didn't really get it that much two issues back in this cross-over when he first seemed to crack that code. I also couldn't care less.

Bits and Pieces

Yes, two issues into Legacy and the one Marvel book I love the Champions has lost me. Plus, this  still isn't over as issue 15 will be the conclusion of the six-parter. I don't buy this book for the Avengers, and I like that it doesn't try to do complicated, confusing story-lines. I suspect most of its readers feel the same. Its strength is in its banter between the characters and in young heroes making their way in the world. Now I have the Avengers plonked into it, a complex story with villains pouring into it and the Earth exploding imminently. It's not the box-office-big-heroes-action-packed-Olympus-has-fallen-popcorn-crap that I buy this book for. I enjoyed the last issue of Champions but this story arc was just getting warmed up at that point. Now its full-tilt boogie and I don't like it.

P.S. Plus they better change Viv back to normal before this story-arc closes or I will not be happy.


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