Sunday, December 24, 2017

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #22 Review - Marvel Monday

There's no business like Poe business!

Written by: Charles Soule 
Art: Angel Unzueta
Colors: Arif Prianto 
Publisher: Marvel 
Reviewer: Andrew McAvoy 

Well, well, well. Isn't Star Wars the topic of conversation these days? With Rian Johnson's little arthouse flick surprising all with a massive take at the box office it seems that everyone is talking about a galaxy far far away. Maybe they are even talking about Poe?!?! Well in the very first minute of The Last Jedi we saw how this man likes to engage with the action. Will this issue? Let's see. 

Okay well the last issue of this series pissed me right off. We are on our 22nd issue of this series, and I'd say roughly 40% of them have been a waste of my time. Unfortunately/Fortunately the other 60% have been pretty damn exciting so I keep reading it. This one, thankfully falls into the "pretty damn exciting" bracket. 

Structure-wise the story is perfection, with the developments relayed as part of a lesson from Leia on how to stage a heist operation. We see her and Poe's Black Squadron play their parts to perfection in pulling off the perfect plan to spring Lor San Tekka out of the Cato Neimodia. 

The action springs along at quite the pace and all goes perfectly to plan for Leia and Poe. Until it doesn't. It's not a major spoiler to say that - the source of the plan's disruption features heavily on the front of the issue. Needless to say, the Black Squadron haven't finished this extraction mission just yet, but the location of the mission just changed. Yes, old San Tekka, increasingly made to look like a dottering old fool by this book, finds himself in First Order hands at the end of the book. 

Bits and Pieces

This issue is a partial return to form. The art is excellent (as always) and this time the story manages to keep up. The issue has a highly structured narrative that hangs together with a sense of balance. Definitely a book to read in between fights about The Last Jedi online! 

Score 7.6 out of 10


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