Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Flash #37 Review

Godspeed To You

Written by: Joshua Willaimson
Art by: Scott McDaniel, Mick Gray, Hi-Fi, and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 27, 2017

The last issue of Flash was a step in the right direction if you ask me.  The Rogues are always a welcome addition, but it was the added fun that Joshua Williamson injected in the issue that made it a winner in my book.  That's all I really ask out of a Flash book, but it's something that has not been plentiful since Rebirth started.  So, does this issue continue bringing the fun as we learn more about what the Rogues are planning for Godspeed, Central City, and the Flash?  Let's find out...
The issue opens with the Rogues hanging out in their hideout under Iron Heights and while Mirror Master and Golden Glider are all about maxing and relaxing, Captain Cold (as always) has one thing on his mind...The Flash.  We are reminded that Godspeed has joined up as he promises to deliver Flash on a silver platter.

We switch to Barry and Kristen and while Singh told them to stick with crime scene preservation, they didn't listen.  Really, who thought they were going to listen?  I'm sure it will be revealed that not even Singh thought such nonsense.  After looking through Turbine's things, they head off to pay Trickster a visit and he is not looking so good.  If you were not aware that he has a fake arm, I'm sure you really thought he was not looking so good indeed!  It all continues the story running in the back of this series that Wolfe is the same old bad guy he always was. The whole thing is interrupted by Wolfe himself showing up and giving Barry and Kristen another strike (that makes two) before telling them to scram.  

The story continues with an obvious trap set by Godspeed (though I still think he is playing a criss-cross applesauce here) that still sends Flash and Kid Flash running off to fight some of Copperhead's gang.  It's a quick fight that ends with Kid Flash going off conveniently while Flash runs into an obvious trap.

The issue ends with Barry being captured and a cliffhanger that seems like it's supposed to be a shocking reveal, but it's not shocking or a reveal at all.  It does look like it might set up a bit of an Iron Heights fight club which sounds cool, but I guess we will have to wait and see if it is as cool as it sounds. 

This was an okay issue of the Flash that is more setup that ends in a not so shocking reveal.  I like what Williamson is doing with Godspeed, but I want more Rogues.  At least the ending points in that direction because while we've had more fun in this series lately, this issue put that on the backburner, hopefully not for too long.

Scott McDaniel did a good job of filling in for Howard Porter who is busy penciling the Flash War issues.  It's more of a cartoony style than Porter's, but there is nothing wrong with that at all and I really like the way he draws the Rogues.

Bits and Pieces:

Joshua Williamson puts the fun on hold a bit to push his story forward and while I understand the reasons, I like the fun.  We do get a bit of the Rogues, but this issue is mainly about the plan to capture the Flash.  The plotting, art, and dialogue were all fine, it just didn't have the spark that the last issue had and so I have to score it a bit lower. 



  1. I'm loving the Barry Kitson covers I wish he would do some interiors for the book.

  2. I liked the cliffhanger better when I saw it years ago in the Dark Knight Returns. The ice room looks like the mud pit fight. :/ I hope it’s not just that.