Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Teen Titans #15 Review and **SPOILERS**

Teen Titans #15
Super Sons of Tomorrow, Part 3:
Tomorrow is Never Promised
Writers - Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Pencillers - Ed Benes & Jorge Jimenez
Release Date: December 27, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Another crossover event?!  Didn't we just have one of those a few months ago?

Well, unlike that Lazarus Contract mess... this one's been really good so far!  It also helps that the fallout (to my knowledge) hasn't already been spoiled by the solicits.  Defiant, indeed.

Picking up where we left off in Super Sons #11, Superboy has just gone solar-flare... decimating Titans Tower in the process.  It's interesting that the solar-flare from The New-52! has been carried over into Rebirth.  As little love as I might have for that era of Superman, I am a big proponent of the "everything matters" approach to DC continuity.  Was actually quite pleased to see it acknowledged.  The fact that we're playing with... Hypertime, of all things... also grounds this quite deep in DC lore.

The Titans (of Today) really shine here as an actual team... and not just a collective of petulant brats.  The conflict here feels organic, and not manufactured because "kids are annoying and they argue a lot".  The decisions the Titans (of Today) have to make are difficult... the choice they make has the potential to really shake things up.  I appreciate that... it's so much more satisfying to see the kids weigh pros and cons, rather than wonder aloud how many views and likes their latest video is going to get.  Even Gar comes across as not entirely face-punchable here!

The Titans of Tomorrow... there are still a lot of questions about them.  I can't believe I'm going to say this, but these are questions I'm actually looking forward to seeing answered!  This is the first time since Rebirth (well, since pre-Flashpoint if I'm being honest) that I'm actually excited about a Teen Titans storyline.  Really can't wait to see how this all rolls out.

Tim Drake in his role as the Savior is super intriguing.  Rumors were rampant online back in the days of Batman R.I.P. and Battle for the Cowl that Tim was going to have himself a bit of a "heel turn".  We were convinced that Jason Todd was going to take the mantle of Red Robin... leaving Tim out in the cold.  It's great to see him with a more morally-gray constitution... yet still holding to his principles.  This makes for a wonderfully complex character... one I wouldn't mind seeing stick around for a minute.

Super Sons of Tomorrow actually feels like a story worthy of being called "an event"... and, it's not as though DC has a shortage of those going on at the moment.  There is a sense of urgency all throughout, and it really feels as though this could have long-lasting and story-shaping ramifications for months to come.  This isn't a garbage-tier event like The Lazarus Contract, this is one that I am chomping at the bit to continue reading.

Apropos of... perhaps nothing, over on my home-blog Chris is on Infinite Earths, I recently got myself caught up on Super Sons.  The entire time through I kept asking myself, "Why isn't Teen Titans this much fun?"  The quality gap between the two is ridiculously wide.  Here we are today, with the writer of Super Sons... delivering one hell of an enjoyable issue of Teen Titans!

I'd be remiss not to mention the art... which is fantastic!  This is just really good superhero art.  Nothing against regular artist Khoi Pham, but the shift from a stylized manga-inspired look to this sharper western look does the book a huge favor.  It's just one more thing that makes this book stand out as something special.

Bits and Pieces:

More like this, please!  Teen Titans finally delivers a satisfying read.  The characters still feel like themselves, however with the obnoxious-dial turned way down.  Why isn't Teen Titans this great every month?



  1. I wish they put Tomasi on this book for good.

  2. The saviour was cool makes me feel like he might stick around for awhile