Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Batwoman #12 Review and *SPOILERS*

FINALLY! There’s Something!

Written By: Marguerite Bennett
Art By: Scott Godlewski, John Rauch
Letters By: Deron Bennett
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 21, 2018

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It’s that time of the month where I come and tell you all about how this series is struggling. It just is. It may have it’s fans but the series has become stagnant and slow. However, there is always a possibility that the series may surprise us. It’s unlikely at this point but perhaps it will. We have returned to Bennett’s writing in this issue and while I’ve been giving her quite a bit of flack for this series, I would say that I’d rather continue reading her story than get any more of what we got from the last issue. Granted, if they were going to bring in someone completely new to build a brand new story on, I would be all for that (what’s Greg Rucka doing right now?) but let’s just dive right in and see what this issue has in store for us.

We catch up with Batwoman in her version of the Batwing and she fills in the reader about what she’s in the middle of doing. (Not like we’ve been reading the book or anything). She’s been chasing the Many Arms of Death and now she has found that Safiyah, her former lover, is the head of the organization. This is when we enter the flashback that is the real story of this issue. She and Safiyah have been together for a while but now the island had a sickness growing on it through the foxes that were native to the island. This is where we catch up with Safiyah and Kate. Kate has been working nonstop to find out the cause of the illness that are turning the foxes violent. Kate finds that the cause is a bacteria that lives in the coral reefs of the island. Safiyah claims that she knows who is behind it all.

Safiyah gathers the warlords and they confront the Rogue Warloard Maksim. Maksim accuses Safiyah of shirking her duty in order to play with her new love interest. He is striken down by one of Safiyah’s men and he throws threats at all of those that stand there. Safiyah directly confronts him and Maksim’s face darkens and he immediately apologizes. He is drunk and he doesn’t mean the things he says. Safiyah embraces him and forgives him, sending him away. However, it is all a ruse as she leads him to an ambush where the remaining warlords are gathered. They draw their weapons and although Kate attempts to stop them, she is held back as the warlords stab Maksim over and over until he is dragged off dead.

This event sets Kate off and she realizes what she has been doing for the past year in Coryana. Kate is a drunk and while her drinking has been in check, she has simply traded one addiction for another. Instead of being out of control through drinking, she has lost control by giving it to Safiyah. She always knew that Safiyah was dangerous but she lied to herself because she wanted the addiction to continue. It’s at this time that she realizes that the bacteria that is infecting the foxes didn’t come from Maksim but rather from her. The bacteria is one her from her accident on the water that brought her to Coryana. After figuring it out, Kate is immediately confronted by Safiyah.

Safiyah simply says that she did because she was protecting what she loved. Kate isn’t able to accept this life anymore though and flees. Saifyah is left watching her leave and that is when Tahani shows up again and asks Safiyah what she should do. Safiyah gives her the order to not let Kate leave the island. Kate travels to the Lighthouse to get supplies for her departure. This is where she is confronted by Tahani and we get a fight between the two. Kate drops the fuel that she is carrying and it ignites, sending a blast through the lighthouse. Tahani falls but is caught by Safiyah before she meets her death. Safiyah begs Kate to stay once more but Kate has made her choice and she dives out the lighthouse into the water below and finds a boat. Tahani carries Safiyah out of the Lighthouse and she sends her away. Back in the present, Kate moves on to face Safiyah. This is where the issue leaves us.

Now, I’ve given this series quite a bit of flack for it’s quality and I think it deserved every single point of criticism. That said, while some aspects of the past continue to haunt this book (another Tahani fight? What a surprise.) I have to say that I actually enjoyed this issue. It’s far from what I want for the series and I still find myself disinterested in the entire Many Arms of Death storyline but for all the faults this storyline has, this flashback issue isn’t one of them. I’m just as surprised as anyone. However, the set up for this flashback has a very satisfying pay off and everything makes sense with Kate’s character. Maybe I’m just punch drunk again but I liked it. I’m still not looking forward to more of this story but I enjoyed myself reading this particular issue.

Bits and Pieces

While we are still suffering through the Many Arms of Death storyline, this issue actually gives us a small amount of pay off with some of the story threads that have been given to us so far. Because of that, the issue is actually pretty enjoyable. It’s still suffers from some aspects that continue to carry over in this issue but for the most part this issue is a nice read which is a welcome diversion for this series so far


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