Monday, February 19, 2018

Poe Dameron #24 Review - Marvel Monday

Poe News Day

Written by: Charles Soule 
Art: Angel Unzueta
Colors: Arif Prianto 
Publisher: Marvel 
Reviewer: Andrew McAvoy

Ah Poe Dameron comic, how you love to tease me. A good issue, followed by a terrible issue, a good issue, followed by a terrible issue. You love to show me a bit of Lor San Tekka ankle and then drape your evening gown back over it again, you old tease. Lor San Tekka's ankle, yuck. Anyway, what will we get in this Month's Marvel Monday Mixed bag (4 word alliteration warning!!!)? Let's go find out...

It strikes me that really what this series has done to date has been one big exercise in seeing how long they can stretch out Lor San Tekka as a Max Von Sydow-shaped McGuffin. It isn't really interested in developing San Tekka as a character. In fact he may as well be a gigantic carrot with a map to Luke Skywalker tied onto him with an old dirty piece of rope. In fact I reckon I could have reviewed all the books so far referring to him as a giant carrot - that's how much he is a plot device as opposed to a character. 

In fact if he was a giant carrot not one thing would have really changed about this book, provided the carrot had a way of propelling itself to Cato Neimoidia to be found by the Resistance. It would simply be Resistance grabs the giant carrot, First Order steals the giant carrot back, and repeat. Plot twist! At the end of this issue the carrot will have been chucked into the cold vacuum of space in a space suit by Terex! A vacuum-packed giant carrot now floats in space. Who will get it it first to untie the map!?!?

Yep. In other news, Terex used his knowledge of where the giant carrot was to manipulate the First Order into removing his brain control implant. Oh, and if The Last Jedi didn't give you enough fuel consumption drama also there is yet another, and I shit you not, example of it being used as a plot device here. Yes people, they Black Squadron do a fuel capacity/consumption calculation and the utter the immortal phrase, "I know General Organa is always going on about hope and everything...but there's hope and then there's math". Ah...wouldn't it have been great if at the end of Rogue One Leia had seized the stolen datatape and said "Math!". Awesome. Sauce.

Bits and Pieces

Decent art, the old yo-yo storyline, up and down, up and down. The giant carrot now floats in deep space, who will get it first? Resistance? (yay!) Or First Order? (boo!). On your marks. Get set. Go! Yes folks issue 25 will let us know what happens to the giant carrot next! Won't it be so exciting?


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