Thursday, February 22, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 2/22/18

High Art and Dinosaurs

Howdy folks! It's another week of terrific DC Comics...covers! I have a real mixed bag this week, but I do think I've selected the very best of this week. So let's dispense with the introduction and get right to drooling over some sweet artwork

Harley Quinn #38 variant
Frank Cho and Sabine Rich
It's not hard to get me to sit up straight for a Frank Cho cover, but this one is especially good because it is germane to the story within, and the look on Harley's face is funny. Great character work, a nice clean image, you can't ask for a lot more than this.

Trinity #18
Guillem March
Gosh, what do you think one could like about this cover? Maybe it's Warlord about to skewer a dinosaur in the eye while it tries to eat Batman??? Superman and Wonder Woman look fairly ineffectual in this fight, but their costumes help the image's color composition.

Wonder Woman/Conan #6 variant
Aaron Lopresti
I thought this might be a cover to Birdman, but no, it's another amazing piece of art by Aaron Lopresti. The perspective is dizzying and the inherent story fascinating, plus there's a giant raven. I mean the bird, not the Teen Titan.

Batman #41
Mikel Janin
What's best about this great cover is that the terrific artwork continues on the inside. This is a color study, primarily, with green bisecting its contrasting color orange, in Ivy's hair. You can throw a little Jesus imagery on this too, if that's your wont. Martyred Bat.

Aquaman #33 variant
Joshua Middleton
Yes I would like to buy your 80s New Wave album, Aquaman. This is just a super pretty picture where color is used expertly. You lingered over this one, don't lie.

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