Monday, March 5, 2018

Champions #17 Review - Marvel Monday

Going Viral

Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Humberto Ramos
Publisher: Marvel
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

I never trusted that "Spare" Viv Vision that appeared in this book during the High Evolution attack. Always something a bit off about her in my view. Will my suspicions be justified in this issue? I think so.

So turns out old Daddy Vision, had a dose of the man-flu, which is why he had been sneezing. Luckily for him his immune system, or firewalls, had evolved over the years to such levels of refinement that he was able to counteract the virus and get rid of it. Then it occurs to him and Wasp...he was sick when he created replacement Viv...dun, Dun, DUN!!!

Yep, so that explains why the crazy replacement Viv has been so sinister all along. Too perfect by half if you ask me. Which you didn't. Anyway, luckily the diagnosis of the virus occurs just as she goes fully Bat-shit crazy and starts to attack her sister, prototype - now human - Viv Mark One. The technopersoncomputerhuman equivalent of the Sony Walkman WM-F202. Original is best (keep it Sony). Will they stop her in time before she destroys her "sister"...? dun, Dun, DUN!?1?

Elsewhere in this book, things are getting a little over-crowded with the recruitment drive and (excluding the crap Avengers crossover issues) this book makes its first misstep in my eyes with a badly pitched joke about Miles Morales' web fluid that's this book equivalent of Beast Boys Mouthgasm in Rebirth's Teen Titans book. These teen books are intended for the younger readers, and I didn't like or appreciate jokes that to be frank are more suitable for the DC Harley Quinn title.

Bits and Pieces

This issue was a bit "filler-ish" but I was glad to see that Viv Vision replacement model is not as perfect as she was being portrayed. I feel vindicated as a cagey SOB. Another note of caution, the cast of this book now needs to get paired down again - there are too many characters following the recruitment drive and the equilibrium of the title has been lost. It will be sad if Waid's strong run ends with a jam-packed character heavy book just to make way for a slightly re-calibrated set up under the new creative team. We shall see.


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