Thursday, March 8, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 3/7/18

The New Class

Ever since I've used this newer method for selecting my weekly Best Covers, which allows me to look at all of the covers practically at once (instead of looking at them by the title), weird ones have cropped up. Vertigo books, sometimes Hanna-Barbera crossovers, and this I did not expect! But I liked the cover, and that makes it one of the BEST! No arguin'!

Nightwing #40 variant
Yasmine Putri 
This reminds me of that one story from Creepshow (and it was in the movie, but I am referring to the comic book, with which I am much more familiar, and will reference as the primary Creepshow material from now until the end of time) where this one jilted dude buries two people near the shore during low tide, and when the tide rolls in they are gradually and helplessly drowned. There's one panel that is reminiscent of this, same sense of despair and underwaterness. Great use of color here, too, but man I love that Creepshow story.

Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #6
Tula Lotay
Uh, here's one I didn't expect to see on the list. Truth is, I stopped reading the series after issue #2, and hadn't been electing issues to this list ever since. But you know our motto around here: You CAN Judge a Book By its Cover!™ Here's what looks like a lobby card for an early 1960s movie about wayward teens. And I want to see that movie. This is just some good ol' fashioned well-executed artwork.

Deathstroke #29
Ryan Sook
Here's a terrific use of color that even incorporates the book's logo! That always makes my heart go a-flutter. Your eye is drawn right to Deathstroke, and it's almost like you have to adjust to the darkness to notice the dead figures in the foreground. Really nicely done. And ooh, I dialogue balloon, too! Now I feel spoiled.

Batman White Knight #6
Sean Murphy with Matt Hollingsworth
"Computer, show me what an amazing movie poster, designed by Sean Murphy, for an absolutely awesome movie about Batman and Mr. Freeze that has not yet been written would look like."

Batman #42
Mikel Janin
It's a bit of a cheat to have a bunch of DC Comics' other heavy-hitters on the cover of your Batman comic book, but since I want to see Mikel Janin draw all the things, all the time, we can luxuriate in this. The looming image of Poison Ivy, and in particular her red hair, helps balance the image, and keep it from being too heavy in the bottom right. Worst thing about this is the Justice League logo plastered there like some kind of obtrusive street art, but I imagine that couldn't be helped from an artistic standpoint.

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