Monday, March 5, 2018

Peter Parker: the Spectacular Spider-Man #300 Review

Spectacular Spider-Man #300

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Art Team: Adam Kubert & Juan Frigeri
Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: February 28, 2018

This is the storyline that never ends, it goes on and on my friends ….

Well needless to say Spectacular Spider-Man has crept back into my life with anniversary issue #300, and prior to going in and reading this, I have to say I was mildly excited ... mostly because I've enjoyed the hell out of Marvel Two in One, another Zidarski book. So let's talk about this issue here, and see if this week weeks story changes my stance on this title, join me.

The issue begins with Spider-Man pinned under a giant Doc Ock like arm surrounded by familiar enemies taunting him. It doesn't take long for help to arrive in the form of Hawkeye, Johnny Storm, Black Panther, as they provide the distraction long enough to allow Spidey to wiggle free.

The heroes do their best to counter the Hero Slayer and baddies running around minus their tech … with most notably Spidey getting Ironheart to safety who essentially just a tin can at this point in time.

The back and forth between Ironheart and Spidey leads to Spidey connecting a few dots mainly that, Tinkerer’s brother (Mason) is actually working with the Tinkerer. Spidey flips remembering he left his sister and Jonah with Mason, so he heads off to rescue them. We the readers saw last issue Mason is just a shell for the Tinkerer to use as a body but Spidey is still unaware.

At the Tinkerer/Mason’s lab Theresa is pinned down to a table while Betty and Jonah are held captive by Mason. Mintz comes storming into the room and confronts Tinkerer claiming traitor, this leads to more fighting and Tink hulking out the Mason-bot into a ‘Hero Slayer’.

Spidey comes Storming in , car in hand (Jonah's no less) , wacks Tink leading to further chaos and madness. Betty takes a crowbar to some computers, knocking out the Tech blockers that were stopping the heroes tech, and it seemingly wraps up with all bad guys in hand after this development. Story over right? WRONG.

A giant Alien ship appears over the sky and the TInkerer seems to know what it's all about. In an info dump we get our answer, which basically takes this story that was pretty wrapped up, and decides continuing it is the best course of action by rewriting the past a bit.

So the Tinkerer found an Alien robot scout of the Vedom, who roam the universe looking for AI, fixed it when it was broken, and became fast friends with it. When his lab was burned down he lost everything including his Vedom friend. Using the knowledge he gained from the Vedom, “he created a tipping point they couldn't ignore”, Tinkerer created these phones each with their own AI to be untraceable, these AI’s subservient to the people using them pisses of the Vedom forcing a return.

Spidey goes to share what they’ve discovered with the rest of the crew in this book, and when attacked by a Doombot, Doom arrives just in time to take it down and be of assistance, after a distress call from Spidey. Spidey idea is to go back in time to solve this problem, I'm not sure he shares with the readers, and Doom sends him, Theresa, and Jonah who gets accidentally knocked in with them off to the past. As this transpires the group is getting attacked by Vedom and things controlled by them, blowing up Doom’s lab as the issue concludes.

Overall I didn't have much love for Zdarsky’s version of Spider-Man going into this and coming out of it my opinion hasn't changed much at all. We are still continuing what is a ten issue plus story revolving around the Tinkerer who just isn't that interesting of a character to begin with no matter how much retconning is done to try and change my mind. Although I enjoyed the car joke involving Jonah the rest just misses the mark for me and the art although decent didn't do enough to lift the story to that next level.

Bits and Pieces

Spectacular Spider-Man continues to miss the mark continuing a story involving the Tinkerer for about 8 issues to long. The title is crowded with guest stars who never go away and what I thought was supposed to be a more grounded Spider-Man title has turned into Aliens taking over the world … I’m out until a creative change.


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