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Free Comic Book Day 2018: Amazing Spider-Man/Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 Review - Marvel Monday

FCBD 2018: Amazing Spider-Man #1

Writer: Nick Spencer
Art Team: Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, and Laura Martin
Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 5, 2018
Price: Free .99

Baby (Dan Slott), Come Back!

Here it is, our first taste of the 'Fresh Start' for the Amazing Spider-Man title.  I can safely say, I for one have never been more scared about a change in creative teams on a book in my entire adult life. The Nick Spencer announcement, the writer fresh off the 'bomb' that was Secret Empire, makes these fears became a very real reality I am now looking square in the face.  So what is in store for this Amazing Spider-Man title? I'm about to open the pages very carefully, cautiously, and with the tiniest bit of optimism in hopes it all works out. Please join me, and find out what I thought.

The FCBD issue begins with a brief introduction to our hero, before we get the lowdown on just exactly where Peter is in life ... broke, and looking for apartments with Randy Robertson, his best friend and second time roommate.   I have no idea why Marvel insists on leaving Peter feeling like he has to perpetually act the age of a college student, but here we are again, after all he's been through.

Apartment hunting is quickly interrupted when Rhino, Electro, Boomerang, and Big Wheel (yes you read that right, Big Wheel) are making an escape with some stolen items from the Museum of Natural History, and Spidey has to get into the action.  Up next is either some of Nick Spencer's failed attempts at stand up comedy, or lines ripped straight out of the latest episode of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney XD, I cant decide which, in both cases it's not good.

It is some of the most awful attempts at Spider-Man jokey dialogue I've read in a comic book in a long time. At a few points I double checked the cover to make sure it wasn't the kids version I grabbed from the store. Needless to say this ruined most of the book for me since its peppered with this humor the rest of the way throughout the issue.

Long story short, the issue wraps up with a double cliffhanger, as Spidey is holding back the Big Wheel from killing citizens with all his might.  First, Kingpin makes an appearance and comes to Spidey aid in thanks for saving the citizens of NYC. Kingpin is also all to happy to recover the glowing items Boomerang and company stole from the Museum. Then Boomerang takes off, escaping the hands of justice, leaving the others he was with behind to be caught .. insert joke here setup pages earlier.

The final cliffhanger is Randy getting back into touch with Peter, telling him he found a great place, then introducing him to his new roommate ... BOOMERANG! Making it Three's Company! I can almost hear the song playing in the background as the issue wraps up, oh Nick Spencer, you funny man you!

Overall, the Amazing Spider-Man portion of FCBD was basically infuriating, and childish, and if this is the future for this title, a book I've bought all the way back to Brand New Day in single issues and trades, I will not be buying it anymore.

I found nothing to enjoy in this issue from Spidey's childish humor, to Peter's continued lot in life, or Spencer's continued obsession with featuring Boomerang in everything he does (Tom King Kite Man anyone). Even the art, which really does look good as a whole, kind of gives this book a more kiddy feel, like they're trying to throw Peter back in time to a kid again, and Im not here for any of that.  If there is any character in line for the 'Superman Reborn' treatment next its this character. Give him his life back, or pick a direction go with it, and stick with it. Stop constantly making Peter 22 trying to figure out life every couple years.

Bits and Pieces

My thoughts after reading the FCBD issue of the Amazing Spider-Man were that it appeared the new direction for Peter was to have him live with Boomerang, fill the book with awful humor for Spidey, and make it mimic the Disney XD cartoon in feel and appearance. I hope I'm wrong but if this is a sign of the future to come I don't think Ill enjoy this much at all except for looking at the pretty pictures.


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