Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Justice League: No Justice #2 Review

Team Building

Written By: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson
Art By: Francis Manapul, Marcus To, Hi-Fi, Andworld Design
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 16, 2018

The Cosmic Event called No Justice has started and after the first issue I can tell you that even though I find the whole "cosmic energies" bit of this story a bit silly, I'm all on board to see what all these heroes and villain teamed up are able to do.  Not to mention, we have some giant ass space gods from the beginning of time looking to chow down on Brainiac's home planet of Colu and once that's over Earth.  Yeah, the stakes seem pretty damn high so let's jump into this issue and see if we can glean any new information about what these energies of Wisdom, Entropy, Wonder, and Mystery are and how they're represented.......... and how our teams can do anything with them.  Let's check it out.

As we all saw from the last issue, our heroes are screwed because they're stuck on Colu with no idea what they're supposed to do now that Brainiac's head went and blew up.  While there is a way for our heroes to determine where they're supposed to go, this issue kind of gets bogged down with the idea that no one, including us, has any idea how they're supposed to do anything with these representations of the four cosmic energies........ Which leads to a lot of fighting within the groups.  Thankfully, calmer Martian Manhunter heads prevail and this book got back on track.

In the end, we have developments on Earth with what's going on with the rest of the heroes on the planet and what they may face now that Amanda Waller went and blew up Brainiac's head, but as for what our heroes need to do to get the planet of Colu balanced.......... Well, it still feels a bit silly and strange in what activates these energies.  All in all, I love the art in this issue a lot and love the high action that we're getting here, not to mention the interesting cliffhanger, but now that we're halfway through this little mini event, I still feel in the dark about everything that's going on and it seems that the heroes of this book are in the same boat.

Bits and Pieces:

While the book looks great and we have some really cool action scenes throughout, I was hoping to get a little more in-depth with the ideas of these cosmic energies and while I still am really interested in what we'll get going forward, I can't say that I fully understand what this creative team is throwing at me because right now it just seems too simple for what we're supposed to be dealing with.



  1. I'm so disappointed in the people who write for DC. Not all of them but there is a core team that has lost track. They prefer to produce blockbuster stories that deflate instead of focusing on the merits and lives. To me this comic is the reason comic industry suffers and the fans are event fatigued. Back in the day you had the villain of the month, a cool cheesy story with a moral and rarely a well-planned contained crossover and a reality changing event. Now the dream has faded the new stories are dull and repetitive. There were moments I forgot and felt as if I was reading a Marvel issue of Infinity Countdown. The wall is broken why now and so what! Alien overlords and cosmic shenanigans are good when there is rhyme and reason. Roy Thomas, Jim Starlin and Al Ewing can create a good enough believable motive and tell it effectively. I can't wait for Doomsday Clock to hit rewind and bring back the soul before postmodernism, if it can fulfill its mission.

    1. Lest I forget to mention the Bryan Hitchy aspect of No Justice. It doesn't hurt to plant some realism in the surreal from time to time, otherwise the 52 multiverse will spill over from the bowl and make a dark multiverse swirl. Alas!

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  3. I actually hated more of this issue than I actually liked about it. This book is choopy as hell, damn it just focus on one damn group at a time. The part of the story that enjoyed reading was the bit with Lobo & Beast Boy working together, because it wasn't interrupted by the bullshit jumps to other groups. I can't believe I'm saying this but I wish the event was spread over 4 books instead of 4 teams in one book. And since when did Batman know Viril Dox in this continuity? And when was he a bad guy? I thought he was an Asswhole good guy. And Amanda Waller is proven to be just a plot device just to get brainiac out of the story, she'll hold no baring on anything else that happens off world. It pains me to be so hype last issue, to come to me being so angry this issue.