Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #4 Review

Come Together

Written by: Liam Sharp
Art by: Liam Sharp and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 16, 2018
Review by: Matches Balone

Elatha may have been the most recent king of Tir Na Nóg to die, but death is never far from the throne. Batman and Wonder Woman learn about the realm’s first king, his mysterious silver arm and what bearing it may have on the problems of the present, as the Fomorians grow increasingly weary of these strangers and their questions. The duo’s investigation was supposed to bring answers and keep the peace, but it might burn into the spark that ignites the first shots of war! 
Here we are issue four of a six issue series and there is still a lot of mystery to be solved. The issue starts with a bit of a trial for our heroes. Captain Furf is accusing the heroes of attacking his men for no good reason. Lord Cernunnos thinks that's a bunch of nonsense and doesn't want anyone from hindering the heroes' investigation. 

Batman ask for permission to go visit Queen Ethne, to ask her about her husband. When the heroes arrive Queen Ethne starts to tell them the story of the battle of Moytura. In that story we learned of another king named Nuada, king Elatha's brother, Balor, and king Elatha's son, Breas. Whithin the story Nuada lost his arm due to an invasion cause by Balor. 

Balor was defeated and banished to an island. Nuada was no longer whole therefore his king shipped was past on to Breas. Breas proved to be a terrible king, so he was banished to the same island Balor was. Nuada was giving a silver arm to reclaim his kingship, when Breas and Balor heard about this they mounted another invasion. After the story the queen decides to be alone, Batman and Wonder Woman go investigate King Nuada's tomb. There they find out that the king's silver arm was stolen. 

Back again in a court room King McCool accuses Captain Furf of everything that has been happening so far. Enraged Furf starts trash taking McCool. McCool throws out Furf and declares that the De Danann and the Fomorians are going to war. 

Overall I like the issue and I still think the story is progressing smoothly, but with only two issues left I don't know if there's enough time to explain everything without feeling rushed or just thrown out there. Plus the ending tease from issue three was not revealed here, so we still don't know who the main antagonist is or what are his motives.

 All the little Batman/King Elatha comparisons were cute, but they just highlighted the fact the story has completely dropped the Gotham city "real world" angle. The art was once again amazing with the highlight of the issue being the the section where the paintings are illustrating the battle of Moytura. 

Bits and Pieces:

Liam Sharp is truly talented. The issue was solid and to be honest there is nothing wrong with it, but this far into the series you'd expect the heroes to start finding answers and not more questions.


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  1. It's Wonder Woman who asks to see the queen, not batman.
    She's already given next to nothing to do in this book, don't take that away from her.