Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Batman Beyond #22 Review


Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Will Conrad, David Baron, Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 25, 2018

It's time to head back into the future so that we can see what our new Dark Knight is up to in Neo Gotham.  In our previous issue, we saw Terry McGinnis acting dumb as hell as he went from place to place, where each time someone was afraid of him, until finally being attacked at the center of the city by Jokerz, civilians and even the GCPD and even after all that, he didn't seem to find a connection or realize that something was wrong.  Hopefully, Terry smartens up here and discovers who is making him look like a monster in the eyes of people all over Neo Gotham.  Let's check it out.

Now, I'll tell you right off the bat.  This is probably my favorite issue of Batman Beyond in a long ass time, but even with that the problem with this book is a problem that this series has had from day one and that's that Terry McGinnis is written as a awful Batman.  He's always getting his ass kicked, not figuring things out and always just taking way too long to get anything done and all of that continues in this issue............... but besides that though, there are some really interesting things going on in this book that I hope to see more of as we continue this series.

Not only do we get the reveal of our villain by the end of this issue, (which is pretty obvious throughout and is sadly on the cover) we also get the continuation of Matt McGinnis' part in all of this superhero-ing and even though I liked aspects of this before, it's this issue that really puts everything we've dealt with up until now together to make a really satisfying splash.  I just wish that the way Matt acted here had a little bit more to do with how he was acting and what he was saying in our last issue.  Besides that, Terry being pretty useless and a strange way we get Jack Ryder more involved in the story, this was a really solid issue with amazing art.  I just hope that things continue along these lines because I could get used to having a Batman Beyond book that I enjoy.

Bits and Pieces:

For the most part, this is probably one of the best issues of Batman Beyond to come out of Rebirth.  Yeah, it still has some problems and Terry isn't the best Batman he can be, but the developments in this issue were fun as hell and I look forward to seeing more of this updated Beyond villain, especially if the art continues being as good as it is here.


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  1. Congratulations, Eric, for consistently giving the best reviews on the site! I enjoyed the hell out of this issue, and would probably go 8 or so.
    But I do see that in the future, apparently the Batcave still has that open-door policy that we've gotten in recent years in the present-day continuity.
    But again, great review! So much better than those other hacks!