Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Teen Titans #20 Review and **SPOILERS**

New(est) Teen Titans

Writer: Adam Glass
Art by: Bernard Chiang, Marcelo Mialo and Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: July 25, 2018

Heyyy, the Teen Titans are (officially) back... and boy, wouldja lookit that cover.

They sure look like the douchiest douches who ever done douched.

We can only go up from here, folks.  The question is... will we?

Short answer?  Yes.

This New...est iteration of the Teen Titans comes right out of the gate in the midst of, perhaps not "high action" but, action nonetheless.

In between bits of infiltrating the Church of Blood we do get some expositional narration from Robin to let us know how he came to assemble this mostly-new team.  Kinda makes ya feel silly about having spent $5 just a few months ago for the book we all thought that would go down in, doesn't it?

The recruitment drive really isn't anything special... Damien more or less, just displays his talent for talking to talent.  There's some give-and-take, and deals are made... which will hopefully be followed up on in short order.  Of particular interest is the meeting between he and fake-Wally Wallace, wherein the latter agrees to join, so long as he actually has a "voice" this time around.  Despite Wallace having been written like a petulant toolbox earlier on this volume, this really worked for me.

What didn't work for me was... Wallace taking over for Beast Boy in the role of the "social media obsessed Millennial".  I was so happy when Beast Boy beat it... and was rather disappointed with Kid Flash filling his seat.  Can I get a little "Hashtag: Nope"?

#Nope... #PleaseStop... #NoMore... #Lame
The art here is especially strong.  Really great stuff, making this book feel like a must-read "A-List" title... which, is pretty much what I've been begging for since... I dunno, when did Geoff Johns leave the title?  2005, 2006?  I'm really pleased with the overall package and presentation here... and for the first time in ages, I'm looking forward to what's to come.

Which brings us to the "big reveal".  Turn back lest it be spoiled for you.  We learn here that Robin's harder-edged attitude doesn't just affect how he composes himself in combat... but, also how he deals with his victories in combat.  I'll simply say that... some familiar faces show up... but certainly not in the way I expected them to!

Bits and Pieces:

A vast improvement on what's come before with spectacular art to boot.  Dialogue (and behaviors) border on the cringy at times, which I can overlook, since this is the first time I've been excited about this title (and property) in quite some time.



  1. Liked this issue especially when still have the taste of the special in my mouth (yes it was that bad that i had t get rid of it by eating it). Really hope that either in a story arc or annual they come across Red Hood and the Outlaws whether they right alongside or against them. Hope when Damian boots Bouncing Boy uh I mean Roadhouse that it isn't a copy and paste from when he fired Kid Flash.

  2. Im giving this my dc issue of the week. It was fun, action packed and informed me just enough to know these characters. I still don't like Wallace or Damian, but I sure like Emiko, Crush and Djinn. Roundhouse is a Sideways/Cannonball hybrid character I just can't get behind. Art this is was good, and that ending has me wondering 2 things: is Batman going to hunt down Damian the way he does Jason, and who has to go down in the dungeon to clean up all those Villians Shit.