Sunday, July 22, 2018

Infinity Countdown #5 Review - Marvel Monday

Prelude To The Prime Issue

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Art Team: Aaron Kuder & Mike Hawthorne,
Jose Marzan Jr., Jordie Bellaire
Letter: VC's Cory Petit
Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 18, 2018
Cover Price: $4.99

For a series that is essentially a prelude setting up the next upcoming, similarly titled series, Infinity Wars I've enjoyed it a lot.  The tie-ins have been a bit hit or miss, with Darkhawk being the highlight, but the main series has had some interesting developments take place, and got me excited enough to buy into what comes next, while never feeling like a waste of money. So lets see if the final issue is some more of the same or calms things down a bit before the main series takes off.

Things begin with the reveal that a sword is the secret weapon that has been being built throughout the series, which a shadowy figure uses to take down its maker, and unless I missed something we still haven't seen the person responsible. From there its off to inside the Soul Gem where Hank Pym attempts to use technology to work his way out of being trapped inside.

Dr. Strange is next on the agenda who gets a first visitor in the Black Widow who tries to pawn off her Stone, Wolverine so kindly donated her, but with Strange revealing he is also in possession of one it isn't the best idea he keep two.  Then he makes a suprise visit to Turk to refuses to give up his Stone despite more warnings from the super hero community things wont end well for him.  

The story begins its conclusion by visiting the Guardians, in possession of a stone, meeting up with Adam Warlock, in possession of another, and things get feisty.  Gamora wants Warlock to give up the Soul stone which she wanted forever which divides the Guardians. Star Lord, Groot, and Rocket are left out to dry by Gamora after her advances for the Soul gem are rejected by Warlock and Drax, who end up going off together on their own. The issue ends with what looks like Hank Pym going insane inside the Soul Gem, recapping who is in possession of what, before a final reveal of what seems to be of course Thanos approaching all gems? Its difficult to tell but we wont have to wait long to find out whats going on thankfully. 

Overall, this issue ended up being a little uneventful, with the only development coming towards the issues end with the Guardians. With the exception of those implications all other threads pretty much remained stagnant and if you pass on this issue as a whole I wouldn't blame you. 

The art is a solid collaborative effort there just isn't much for most of the teams to actually draw that gives them a chance to showcase their talents much.  All the character rendering and setting looked great though. 

Bits and Pieces

Infinity Countdown #5 ends on a bit of a let down with very few developments coming this issue with it serving as more of a recap, of who has what at this point in time, not doing much to make it worth the dollar value it calls for price wise.  I'm still excited to see what Infinity Wars the series is like but this issue didn't do much to help build anticipation other than looking decent as a whole. 


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