Friday, September 21, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: September 19, 2018

Some Covers, My Brother (and/or Sister)

Comics came out from DC Comics, and every one of them had a cover. Don't believe me? Read on, smart-ass, and see my favorite five of these things you think are "figments of my imagination." You don't see the dimensions I can!

 Justice League #8 variant
Jim Lee
Hey, it's a full-cover image of the Joker's face. Looks pretty symmetrical there. Plenty menacing, too. Yup. That's the Joker, you betcha.

 Teen Titans #22 variant
Alex Garner
Don't look now, but someone's swinging for that "Artgerm" status! This isn't a very inspiring picture, but I've never seen Lobo's daughter looking more legitimate. She's not too bad in the comic, either. I don't know why everyone else is way back in the center of a collapsing dwarf star, but the foreground character work is good.

Batman #55 variant
 Francesco Mattina
This is the kind of image that gives me false hope that a new Batman game is coming from Rocksteady Games. But it's not coming. Not now, not ever.

 Green Lanterns #55 variant
Chris Stevens
I think this is the second time in a row that one of Chris Stevens Green Lanterns covers has made the top five. Maybe even the top three! These are some really iconic images, folks, something I think Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz have been lacking. There's lots of classic scenes of Hal, John, Guy, Kyle, even Kilowog...and now these Lanterns. They deserve this kind of high-rate treatment.

Aquaman #40 variant
Joshua Middleton
Dammit, Josh, you're gonna make me want to see this Aquaman movie, aren't you? Here's the best possible poster for that film. It looks epic, romantic, stoic, and is just exquisitely balance. Okay, Joshua, I'll see Aquaman. But you have to buy the popcorn.

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