Friday, September 21, 2018

Injustice Vs. Master of the Universe #3 Review

Nowhere and No One is Safe

Writer: Tim Seeley
Art Team: Freddie E. Williams II, Jeremy Colwell
Release Date: September 19, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe has been a blast so far, with a two-front battle going on in two different worlds, mixed in with just enough humor and fun each issue to make the mini-series stand out in a crowded market.  So what else would you expect from this creative team for issue three besides some more of the same, and throw in a few twists and turns for good measure?  Let's jump into this month's issue and check it out.

This issue tackles both problems we're facing in the series with about equal page time, but if you ask me there battle on Earth has the edge in terms of fun factor, allowing me to enjoy the events going on there a touch more than Eternia.  As He-Man and Batman assemble their squad and plan, preparing to take the fight to Superman's headquarter, we see Skeletor, Supes, and Wonder Woman attempt to snuff out any last attempts at magic on Earth. We get our first twist in the issue towards the end of this first act where we find out who the actual Batman of this world is. If you're not 100% up to date on the ending of the Injustice 2 video game it should be a nice surprise while simultaneously also answering a few questions that have popped up in this series thus far.

Meanwhile, on Eternia, we have a full-scale battle brewing between the forces that Darkseid has now assembled, mixed with Eternia's bad guys on his side, against the Justice League and He-Man's associates At Arms. While the battle appears to be at a stalemate, for now, it seems the good guys are doing their best and really only biding time until He-Man is able to solve one problem and ready to take on another ... maybe not the best strategy to go about things when Darkseid is involved.

Things begin their conclusion as He-Man and company work their way into the base as a few more twists, turns, and surprises start coming at a frantic pace.  The attempts to free Superman's Oracle leads to some fun, that ultimately set up the huge twist for our conclusion, seeded all the way at the beginning of this issue. I'm sorry for explaining it all so poorly but it's an exciting issue. I think you'll definitely dig it, and believe it or not Injustice vs Master of the Universe is one of the most fun books DC is putting out right now, so go snag a copy and thank me later. 

I am a He-Man fan from back to my childhood so I'm mildly biased when these series pop up and I tend to rate them pretty highly.  However the pacing of this book with Seeley at the helm, and reveals this series is peppered with so far, has been a blast to take in. There hasn't been an issue yet without a good payoff in some way shape or form I've enjoyed really making each issue feel worth the money invested. When so many books are written for a trade nowadays and feel light on the story because of it I'm glad we still have series like this that pop up ]to remind everyone a complete arc can have payoff throughout the lifespan of the book and not just at the end of a story. 

Freddie E Willaims and Jeremey Colwell do a great job bringing these characters to the page with some creative paneling, colors that pop and are vibrant while taking advantage of epic splash pages when called upon.  I love when this team is on a monthly series and its always a bonus when they get to take on He-Man or the Turtles.

Bits and Pieces:

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe in the hands of Seeley continues to be a joy to read through each month, filled with callbacks, nostalgic moments, and tie-ins to a video game universe that gives fans of both properties a lot to chew on.  Throw in a mountain full of twists this issue and we have another winner on our hands coupled with some jaw-dropping art team.


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  1. Another solid gold issue. I've nothing to critic this issue. Hell it even had a badass moment for my favorite character red hood. I've started to even warm up to the art.

    Spot on Branden.