Friday, September 21, 2018

Nightwing #49 Review

Crash and Burn

Written By: Ben Percy
Art By: Amancay Nahuelpan, Nick Filardi, Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 19, 2018

Every year on the Isle of Harm, there's a race.  The greatest motorcycle race in the Universe........ which obviously feels like a fitting conclusion to a story about living technology, mind data mining and somehow getting people on the street to confessing to their greatest sins........ Yeah, this doesn't feel right, but hopefully Ben Percy is able to make it all come together before Nightwing goes and has himself a life altering situation happen to him after this issue.  Let's jump into this and see what we get.

For this issue of Nightwing and what seems like the very lackluster conclusion of this Dark Web arc or whatever it's called; we continue the over the top nonsense of this cosmic motorcycle race and also throw Silencer fully into the mix.  It's just too bad that while you can get a bit of fun out of this ridiculous concept and Nightwing feels fine throughout, it somehow lessens Silencer and makes her a bit of a chump fighter when it comes to taking out her prey that she's after........ Which is just kind of odd that for what we have going on in her book that this is somehow thrown into the mix.  Yeah, they try to connect it with that book, but it never feels right and really, there's no reason for Silencer to be here at all.

Really though, we just kind of continue what we had in the previous issue, with villain's from Dick's past showing up sporadically to gum up the works of him winning the race and in the end......... Well, it doesn't matter because we'll be continuing where we left off in this week's Batman and I'm just wondering if Vicki Vale or Willem Cloke will ever be saved.  There isn't much to this issue and the ending isn't satisfying at all if you're into this story, but hopefully it somehow is cleared up as the series progresses.  The big takeaway from this issue is the fantastic art and the far out concept, whether it really makes sense or not.

Bits and Pieces:

Yeah, not much of an ending here, but since I wasn't really enjoying this arc at all, it doesn't really bother me.  What you get though is Silencer for no real reason and an over the top concept that while it doesn't make much sense, does offer a bit of fun.  The real reason to buy this issue though is the art because it's fantastic.  I just wish I felt the same about the story.



Unknown said...

You don't seem to enjoy much of anything dc puts out on any consistent basis. What are you doing here? It would hold more water if you actually gave high grades on anything.

Eric Shea said...

I don't think that DC puts out anything decent consistently. Sorry that I don't give out perfect scores like they're candy like the rest of the reviewing community. Now tell me. What do you think this forced story, with a ridiculous guest star for no reason, that doesn't come to an end deserves?

Jim Werner said...

this isn't a fan site is the answer! It's a review site and each of us reviews a set amount of books each week and reviews them whether they like them or not. There are plenty of fan sites you can go to where they gush over ever single book whether they are good or bad so the real question is, why are you here? To get an honest review or to read somebody who is just a cheerleader???????

And btw...this book is complete garbage and Ben Percy is no longer on it after issue #50 because it's garbage!

Leonard said...

I hate to see a story get wrapped up earlier than it was supposed to be. But if we can get a writer on this book that doesn't make me want to punch Dick everytime he speaks that would be great! Between Percy and King I can't stand when he talks. (I heard it's Lobdell, which could be okay) It'd be great if during some snarky, quippy bullshit line someone just blows his brains out.

Action Jackson said...

What was the point of showing Dick getting a new bike and movable base if it gets destroyed the next issue. The race head action, but made Nightwing look like trash, because he couldn't get even close to finish without someone else's help. Only plus I give to this issue is how Silencer was depicted. I found it accurate and as always a badass chick you shouldn't want to cross paths with.

Unknown said...

Maybe you don't think dc puts out anything decent consistently, but then why are you reading and reviewing comics that you know you won't even like? It would be one thing if you liked some but not others, I just don't see the logic to being a part of something you don't like unless you have to.

Action Jackson said...

Jim said it himself they are a review Site, not a fan site. Weirdscience reviews every single ongoing title that dc puts out. This site promises to give every book a chance and review the full line and not only the are reading because they are popular. I appreciate the hell out of these guys because they give every book a chance, and appreciate that every week I can find out the jist of what happened in titles that I don't have in my pull.

Jim, Eric and the rest of the reviewers in the get fresh crew, joke aside.....Keep doing whatever it is your doing๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰

Ascendant said...

That's not funny.
But I agree with the terrible dialogue.

Eric Shea said...

I don't know if I'll like it or not before I read it. I want to love every comic because I love DC Comics..... that's why I'm here. I'm not just going to cheerlead though because that would be doing a disservice as a reviewer. Again, I want to know what you would have rated this issue.

Ascendant said...

Agree on this too , about how they cheesed NW out of his new badass bike, and his inability to get anything done without someone else's help. But then again, he's running a death race for the virtual souls of two civilians, sooo *shrug*

Note; I'm all for Silencer doing her thing, but when you lower the abilities of the main character to make another one look cool , it creates the appearance of weakness in the title character, which as we now know , seems to be DC's through-line for Nightwing.

Ascendant said...

... I just don't know what it is that DC is thinking. The conclusion of this book is pretty much that the race doesn't even matter, and the Celtic God of pathways does Dick a solid, because , you know *eyeroll* Dick's the lynch-pin for the larger hero/villain community , which DC loves to 'say', but never actually proves...

Dick, even states that he's not the best motorcycle racer, but I guess he was hoping there would be ramps involved so he could use his "mid-air magic" or whatever. This is all just badly done, and the addition of Silencer doesn't add anything to the book, in fact I think it takes away from it, because if Dick had figured out there was a bomb on his bike, we could have seen how he thought his own way out of it , instead of him (as the past, like, 10 issues have shown) requiring someone's help.
In the end I think I'm more frustrated that this story is pure filler, as this issue wraps exactly where we were 2 issues ago, Nightwing vs Darkweb, with a little extra time (Thanks rando Celtic deity).

5/10 for me
Sorry, still bitter.

Jim Werner said...

Another thing, a 6/10 is not hating anything. Maybe it's because other sites never go under a 7, but this is a 10 point scale and books can go as low as a 1 (which rarely happens). The idea that eric doesn't like something doesn't mean anything than he doesn't like it. The review explains why he didn't like it, but that is just him. I may like it less and you may like it more. I think the worst thing would be to pretend you like something you don't and someone ends up buying the issue and gets pissed. For the most part, take a look at the 10/10s out there for every issue, read the reviews and see if they go deeper than "this is great", " killing it" or "simply perfect". eric has 1400 reviews (I know, he is lazy) and isn't just going to stop doing it because he is down on the books at this moment.

Jim Werner said...

one last thing...We love comics. We love DC Comics. That doesn't mean we have to love every issue.