Thursday, December 13, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: December 12, 2018

This Town Ain't Big Enough For Two "Best of" Covers Lists

Boy, imagine I had to come up with a list of ten Best Covers of the Week from DC Comics? I mean, if they'd published at least ten, I could do it. But boy, we'd be scraping the bottom of the barrel! As it is, I've got a few nice ones this week. Not many of them would make me want to snatch a comic off the racks, but they are pretty pictures. So let's hop to it!

 Hawkman #7 variant
Julian Totino Tedesco
The watercolors are kind of loose in this image, but I like it. The characters are reduced to shapes and forms, and it makes the image seem more timeless. Beyond the composition being nice, there's not a lot more that needs be said. The skeleton soldier could have been rendered a little better.

 Batman Damned #2
Lee Bermejo
I'm not in love with this Sugar Skull Joker face, but it does look super slick. And it is something that might entice a prospective buyer to snatch it off the shelf. Hmm. Good positioning of the title, as well.

 Supergirl #25 variant
Amanda Conner
 Not only is this another great entry in the series Amanda Conner is doing of Supergirl and Krypto (though I wish it were Supergirl and Streaky), but this is also a really well-composed cover that, largely because of Krypto's whiteness, would grab your eye as you passed it by at the comic shop. The characters fill the entire cover, which also adds to how imposing and noticeable it is.

 Detective Comics #994 variant
Mark Brooks
How many times will we see versions of this image? Here's a pretty nice one. It's got Batman reflected in his parents' blood, which I think has been done before, but I don't remember any versions of this scene from this angle. The muted color palette is a nice touch, and frankly could have been more muted.

Wonder Woman #60 variant
Jenny Frison
As always, great to see your work, Ms. Frison. Here's Wonder Woman, in a bad-ass, battle-ready pose. You gonna let her get a statuette, DC? At least a Black & White dealie? I better see some kind of accolades for all this work she's put in on the variant covers! It's a damn omnibus full.

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