Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Action Comics #1010 Review

Cover Blown

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: Steve Epting, Brad Anderson, Josh Reed
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 24, 2019

Let's jump back into our Leviathan mystery, where last issue we saw Superman.......... Well, we pretty much just saw him playing catch-up with everything we as readers already knew.  Besides that though, we saw Lois and Clark come up with a way to find some new information by pulling out an old persona for Clark, which happened to be a Spyral spy by the name of Chaz....... somehow they altered his look with Gold Kryptonite, which I don't get, but it happened and that's what our hero is up to this issue.  Hopefully, the information flows because I'm already getting a little bored of Leviathan.  Let's check it out.

One thing that's a positive for this issue is that we don't go and tread the same old water like we did last issue.  No, instead we see the some of the players in this game and see Lois and Clark meeting up with Spyral under their personas of Chaz and Andi.  Too bad that while it took a pretty big leap to get us that bit, it doesn't play out very well because pretty much their cover is blown by the end of the issue and besides for having a page dedicated to Superman and Lois remembering the last time they were undercover, there really isn't much to this gag at all and doesn't do much to the story besides for getting Lois and Clark through a door so that they can talk to someone.  

Other than that though....... There really isn't much to this story.  Yeah, Superman tangles with Leviathan, but that too is underwhelming in that nothing really happens and the only bit of suspense that we have is on the final page and for how much Superman displayed his X-ray and Telescopic vision in this issue, I have no idea how our cliffhanger is even a problem....... Must be lead everywhere.

All in all, Steve Epting's art continues to be the highlight of this series, but the writing is really just taking its time in doing anything and all the roads it seems to want to go down are only to pad out the trade and even then....... they really aren't that exciting.  I just really wish that there was more to this book per issue because every month that it comes out I find myself bored and that shouldn't happen with something called "Action Comics"........ So this was a bit of a bust, but hey........ there's always next issue.

Bits and Pieces:

With beautiful art this issue accomplishes........ pretty much nothing.  Beautiful art though..... really.  There really isn't much to say about this issue besides if you were really looking forward to a page dedicated to having a look at Clark and Lois' undercover identities' back story....... Well, you have that, but this gag didn't do much to this story and I find myself bored with Leviathan already.


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