Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Freedom Fighters #5 Review

The Spirit of '76

Written By: Robert Venditti
Art By: Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriano Lucas, Andworld Design
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 24, 2019

Ol' Earth-X is a callin' and it's saying "Come and see the return of Uncle Sam" and you know what?  I'm all about it.  One of the best most consistent books coming out of DC right now and I can't wait for it to show up each and every month so that I can see the Freedom Fighters take back America from the Ratzi menace.  This issue though, it looks like the bad guys are going to spice things up a notch so let's jump into this issue and see if our heroes can prevail.  Let's check it out.

For this issue we spend a lot of time watching Uncle Sam beating the holy hell out of the Ratzis..... and while that could sound monotonous...... it's actually kind of satisfying, not to mention that while this is happening, we also get the background on Uncle Sam and when he.. The Spirit of '76 was conceived and born.  Not only that, we also see the idea of freedom that Uncle Sam represents and all the points throughout history where he fought to keep that idea alive.  

It's all pretty enlightening and doesn't slow our story down too much......... since pretty much, our story up to this point was to resurrect Uncle Sam and since he's now back, it's all about keeping him that way and our team wondering if all the fuss they went through to wake this "idea" up was worth it because looking at Uncle Sam....... Well, he's not all that impressive on first glance.  

All in all, the art is beautiful in this issue as it's been throughout the whole series and now we have the leader of our team back and I couldn't be happier because that means the next leg of our story is about to start and the cliffhanger we're left with here gets me all excited for what's to come because while we don't know all that much about our new Freedom Fighters just yet, it seems that they'll have to show us through a trial by fire because there's no way that things are going to slow down after this fun issue.

Bits and Pieces:

All the pieces are in place for this series now and I couldn't be happier because on top of getting all our heroes together now, we also have a pretty impressive villain being presented that could change the game for our heroes.  Just a lot of fun, while it catches people up on who and what Uncle Sam is, while giving us amazing art the whole way through


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