Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wonder Woman #69 Review


Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Xermonico
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: April 24, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

We are starting a new arc in this book and that is fine with me.  While I haven't been too enthused since G. Willow Wilson jumped on, she has been showing sign over getting more in tune with her main character.  The book still feels like it's looking for a direction with each of the stories leading to thin one strangely disconnected from one another.  Maybe narrowing the cast will give Wilson a little more breathing room and she'll use that to set up her main characters a little more and make me care about them...a little more.

The issue opens in Summergrove, Connecticut and we see the town is overtaken by lust and primal needs.  I am quite positive that if any of them went on Maury right now, we'd get a very loud, "WHATEVAH! I do what I want!"  Of course, that leads to trouble, especially when parents don't want to take of their kids and just want what they want!

I'm sure that nobody will be shocked that this all ties into the mythical gods and creatures entering the real world.  That's just part of the problem, though.  The main part is I don't know any of these people from Adam and seeing them making all hedonistic with each other has no effect on me.  They won't take care of their kids?  I really don't care because nothing was set up to make me care.

It seems like this thought might have crossed someone's mind and Wilson ups the ante a bit, but how do I know that this is new behavior.  Disgusting?  Yes!  New?  I have no idea.  I had the same problem with Wilson's first arc where we were thrown into a Civil War without knowing what was going on.  Who do you root for?  I still haven't figured that one out!

When we finally get Wonder Woman, we also get Maggie saying she has to pee TWICE before they get interrupted by fireworks.  Yep, the only reason they stop to check out this town is that they almost get hit by fireworks!  Checking out the scene they realize something is up before getting attacked by razor teethed cupids.  It's the perfect coincidence for Aphrodite and the after Willow really forces in the foreshadowing, it's pretty obvious who is to blame for all this.  The issue ends by showing just that and it's pretty much a carbon copy of the cliffhanger from before with Aphrodite herself. 

I don't hate this book, but this issue continues what, for me, is way worse...I don't care about this book.  G. Willow is telling surface level stories that never go anywhere and seems more content doing that instead of building up her characters.  Wonder Woman comes off as a robot who shows up to dispense justice in a cut and dry way, but always has to rely on her supporting cast to get the job done.  I liked the art a bit more in this issue, but the story itself was boring and too obvious by the end.

Bits and Pieces:

This book continues to struggle with its story and its characters.  It's stuck in a place between good and bad that makes me not care that much about it.  I read and review it every two weeks, but never think about it until the next issue pops up.  Believe me, I love G. Willow Wilson and I love Wonder Woman...I just don't love G. Willow Wilson's Wonder Woman.


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