Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Catwoman #10 Review

Writer: Joelle Jones
Artist: Fernando Blanco
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: April 10, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

This series has been pretty hit or miss for me.  The art is a pretty hit, but I seem to be missing the story every time I am done an issue and even more so when I pick up the next one.  We did get a little caper issue by Ram V last time around and I was really hoping the time off would give Joelle Jones a little recharge and let her hit the ground running here.  Well, did it?  Let's find out...

We start the issue with a cold open that is one of those "the ending at the beginning" things and we see that Carlos is in a bit of trouble.  We then go back a bit to see how all this began and we get introduced to another new character and then go back a bit more to see what happened after issue #8 with the Penguin.

I was never a fan of telling a story out of order (Pulp Fiction aside), but it needs to serve a purpose other than to confuse the reader.  My main problem in this whole series is that we keep getting characters thrown at us without ever really getting to know them and at the end of the day, most are pretty forgettable.  The most developed character in the book is Raina Creel, but a lot of the others are just names and faces that come and go with little impact.

After seeing Selina deal with Oswald, we do get Raymond Creel and see he is running for Mayor of Villa Hermosa.  While following in your father's footsteps is cool enough, the Creel family seemed on the outs earlier in the series so this felt out of nowhere.  We do get Raina and the horrific Adam, but then it's back to Selina and her new friend, James.  After not learning much about him, we are off to where we started the issue off.

The out of time storytelling here seemed to happen to disguise that not much really happens here.  Jones seems to keep this book in flux by adding new characters and situations but never properly developing them.  There are interesting things going on, but they get buried by not so interesting things that seem to continue.  Even Fernando Blanco's art, which I usually love, took a step back this issue and that is weird with the extra time this book got.

Bits and Pieces:

Selina continues to slog trough Villa Hermosa and while I really like the way Joelle Jones writes the character, there is just nothing interesting going on.  This book has been hit or miss with me the entire run and this one was a miss.


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