Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Flash #68 Review and *SPOILERS*

Now That’s More Like It

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Scott Kolins, Luis Guerrero
Letters By: Steve Wands
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 10, 2019

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The last issue of the Flash wasn’t exactly bad but the book did repeat the same conversations over and over. However, it also added a new mystery for our hero to solve. I haven’t been too pleased with this book as of late. However, this story is something that can turn into something great. I’m only hoping that Williamson is able to take us to that point. The Flash has had a rough couple of months but let’s just jump into this new issue and hope that things will turn around.

We begin the issue with Trickster interrogating Commander Cold. He wants to know how well known he is in the future. He hopes that his exploits have given him fame and admiration. However, he is interrupted by Axel, the new Trickster. He tells him that they have new hostages that need to be reeducated. Trickster has taken over Iron Heights and turned it into a villain playground. The group of hostages is revealed to include Barry Allen. He and the rest of them are then put into a machine and they begin to feel happy. As soon as he gets the chance, Barry sneaks away and dawns his costume. He becomes the Flash and gives us a quick recap. He then finally is able to remember the original Trickster. He reveals that he used a low vibration to allow him to walk through the happiness machine without being affected. However, he realizes that Trickster couldn’t have made everyone in Central City walk through that machine. So how is he doing this?

Barry suddenly is able to hone in on a signal from Commander Cold. He races off and finds an old Rogue hideout. He find Cold tied up but before he can help him, he is attacked by Axel. Axel begins using his many trick guns to try and stop the Flash. However, he is knocked out cold after Flash stops one of his attacks. Barry frees Commander Cold but then the two get captured. It is revealed that Flash did not get a call from Commander Cold to return to Central City. That call was made by James Jesse, the original Trickster. Trickster then monologues a little revealing that he is the one behind all the weird devices that use the new forces. Trickster then begins to mess with Warden Wolfe. Wolfe allows Trickster to beat him up after being taken over by happiness. Trickster makes him tell the story about all the things he did to Trickster.

Commander Cold is then able to use his own tricks and free himself and Barry from their prison. Barry is able to catch Trickster with little effort. Cold stops Flash from stopping things saying that they might make things worse. Turns out that the people of Central City have begun to turn on each other to keep their happiness. This was Trickster’s plan all along. Flash puts Trickster in Cold’s hands as he starts to race off to help the people of Central City but he is suddenly frozen by Commander Cold. Cold had been under Trickster’s spell all along. When Barry comes to, he is tied to a post. Trickster wants him to watch his triumph but Barry is able to get out of the ropes easily but he falls down and finally realizes that his legs have been amputated. This is where the issue leaves us.

Now, this issue is not perfect but it is very good! Thank god, I can finally talk well about The Flash comic once again. The story makes sense, it sets up Trickster as a legitimate villain and gives us a reason why Flash has to stop him. These are all good things. And that ending! What a cliffhanger! One that I’m actually a huge fan of. There is one big issue that I had. The beginning of this issue starts with Trickster interrogating Cold. However, we learn later that Cold was turned already. Hence, it makes no sense to have him be interrogated. I know some people may say that he turned him after the interrogation but the book doesn’t point that out and if he was turned, wouldn’t he just tell Trickster what he wants to know anyway? This was done to give the audience that big moment near the end when Cold turns on Flash but it was just a small oversight. Overall, this issue was great, the art is great, and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Bits and Pieces

What a great read this issue was. From beginning to end, the book is interesting and doesn’t seem to repeat itself like the previous issue did. The art and story are fantastic and everything in this issue is done to make this book better. I can finally give The Flash a great rating once again and that makes me very happy.


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