Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wonder Twins #3 Review

Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Stephen Byrne
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: April 10, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

I have liked this book as a whole so far.  Yea, I liked the first issue a lot more than the second, but I know that some other people I've talked to flip flop those for them.  So, going into this issue I am hoping it can all come together and get things rolling even better and better.  So, did it?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Jayna meeting Polly Math and I did have a smile on my face seeing Jayna make a friend.  Really, this is the type of thing I really want out of this series and while we do get a bit of that this issue, I am spoiled and want more.

What we do get is a heavy dose of Mark Russell telling us why everyone should be nice and supportive of each other.  Hey, that's a beat we can all dance too, but by the end of the issue, it all felt a little too Afterschool Special for my tastes.

The story in the issue is divided between the League of Annoyance as they (with a new recruit) plan to take out the Wonder Twins, the Twins themselves just hanging and Gleek's backstory.  Yep, Gleek is in the house and if you are a fan of the classic cartoon, you should be grinning right now.

Gleek's story gets the most attention and while it's tragic, it is pretty cliched and very reminiscent of Bobo's in the recent Metal event.  Maybe the problem is that we know it ends with Gleek in a better place, but it does serve the purpose of showing the reader that Zan is a good guy...but didn't we know that already?

We do get some Wonder Twin Powers Activate! when the League of Annoyance comes a calling, but all is well that ends well and the issue closes with some more words of wisdom about caring and helping each other.

The message that Mark Russell is pushing is a really good one.  We should all care about each other and help out.  That doesn't make this a great issue, however, and this series is three issues in and I really don't know why it exists.  I love the Wonder Twins and it may seem crazy, but I want more Wonder Twins!  Mark Russell seems intent to throw them into situations instead of giving us actual character moments and it certainly can't be for stories sake, because there just isn't much of a story going on.  I still think the art in this series is awesome, but this book is just nice.  Not great...not good...just nice.  If nice is enough for you, have at it.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a nice issue with a positive message and while I liked the art a lot here, there isn't much of a story going on.  This series lacks any sort of focus and while I do like the Wonder Twins, I wish we got more character work and forward progression to make me want to come back each issue.  This series is starting to feel like an Afterschool Special when I want a Saturday Morning Cartoon.


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