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DC Comics Presents #47: Superman and the Masters of the Universe (1982) Review


Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Pencils: Curt Swan
Ink: Mike DeCarlo
Cover Price: 60¢
Release Date: July 7, 1982

When I came across this issue on DC Universe (which has become a massive comics library that only costs you the equivalent of two comics a month), I knew I had to do a review on it. Superman and He-Man? This sounds AMAZING!

He-Man was such a huge part of my childhood before the comic reading part of my childhood came in. So this is like the ultimate nostalgia for me and my 39 year old ass.

"Time, they say, is relative -- but then, so in place -- especially when you're Superman, with powers and abilities to carry you throughout the cosmos... across the myriad dimensional planes --- even if sometimes these travels are made unwillingly -- with the aid of forces totally unconcerned with the desires of those involved... even a Superman..."

The issue starts off on Eternia, with Man-at-Arms training Prince Adam.

The two old friends bust each other's balls, with Man-at-Arms being a stickler while Prince Adam being light hearted. Man-at-Arms leaves in frustration and Teela enters.

And then we're taken to Metropolis where Clark Kent is going out of his way to act clumsy to avoid suspicion that he's Superman, and in the process annoy his producer. This is when Clark was a news anchor and his face was on TV every night so he better keep that up!

But back on Eternia one of the coolest scenes ever in comics is occurring. Prince Adam is getting drunk.

And then he gets in a bar fight.

Teela shows up again to stop the fight and Adam isn't too happy about it. Then, suddenly, a bird calls from the sky. It's a signal that he's needed by the Sorceress, and so is Cringer, so they head for the hills into a cave where they become He-Man and Battle Cat.

Skeletor is at the doors of Castle Grayskull with Beastman, and he begins beating on the doors with his magical sword. You'd think that something so important and powerful as Castle Grayskull would be cause for it to be heavily protected 24/7, but not here.

Skeletor's actions creates a big cloud in Metropolis. When Superman goes to check it out, he crosses dimensions and enters Eternia! And right in front of Skeletor, who immediately attacks him!

But Superman is no match for Skeletor's magic!

And then these bro's finally get to meet.

Then they ride/fly into battle to face Skeletor at the gates of Castle Greyskull, which ridiculously has no security at the moment.

But Skeletor has learned that Superman's weakness is magic, so he uses a spell to control Superman and fight He-Man!

OH $#!+!

Supes heads right to Castle Grayskull, obeying Skeletor's orders to break down the door, but he's able to use his heat vision to break Skeletor's concentration on the spell and free himself from control.

Uh... what?

Superman grabs Skeletor, but Skeletor teleports the hell away from there using his magic!

Me too, Superman. Me too.

Oh! There just so happens to be a time-space warp going on right now that will bring you back home? How convenient!

Bits and Pieces

I don't even care. I don't care if I don't understand what happened and I don't care about the lazy last few frames. This was fun. Prince Adam, before becoming He-Man, is the MVP of the issue. Drinking beer and not giving two damns about anything. And now I need to read more Masters of the Universe from way back then.


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