Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Detective Comics #1003 Review

Gotham Days, Arkham Knights

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Nathan Fairbairn, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 8, 2019

Review by Joey Casco of

This is Part 3 of "Medieval". Recap of Part 2: After getting his butt kicked by the Arkham Knight and the Knights of the Sun, Batman went back to the Batcave to get patched up by Alfred while Robin went out to find residuals of the Day Bomb they used to light the sky at night. Robin is kidnapped, and the Arkham Knight tries to convince him to join them and takes off his helmet... but we just see the back of their head.

After seeing Batman search for Robin in Gotham for a bit, we're suddenly taken to Arkham where we see the Arkham Knight's face, and it's a blue-eyed, blonde woman. But I have no idea who she is and neither does Robin. And this is such a great scene for Damian lovers. He's my favorite Robin and he displays why right here.

The Knights of the Sun have served as henchmen for others and they start talking about how many times Robin has kicked their ass. Arkham Knight tells them to put their weapons down but they won't, so Damian talks trash and ends up getting shot with an arrow. Arkham Knight cuts off the hand of one of the Knights for disobeying orders, Damian does a tuck and roll while pulling the arrow out of his arm, and he grabs the bloody bow and arrow from the de-handed Knight. He continues to talk trash and waits for somebody to make their next move. Goddamnit, this kid is awesome. But Arkham Knight just lets him go, so he makes his exit.

Batman is still out looking for Robin when he sees a Robin signal in the sky, so he follows it. Damian held the Robin crest on his chest over a spotlight to create it and grabs Batman's attention, that way he wouldn't be bringing any trackers into the Batcave. And it turns out that Batman has already figured out that the Arkham Knight is a female by analyzing her actions on film from the incident at the park.

They go back to the Batcave and begin to try and figure out who this Arkham Knight is. I wasn't all that surprised that it's a woman, but I was surprised when Damian says that she's in her "late teens, pushing twenty". The computers in the Batcave find nobody on record using facial recognition on Damian's sketch of the Arkham Knight's face, so they decide to just go knocking on her door (a sublevel of Arkham Asylum).

When they arrive the Arkham Knight and none of the Knights of the Sun are home, but her father is! And he reveals the identity of the Arkham Knight to finish the issue.

Bits and Pieces

I love to see the Batman and Robin partnership back together again. It feels so good. Damian's little showdown with the Knights was great, and I enjoyed pretty much everything in this issue. This arc is exactly what I need right now.


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