Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wonder Twins #6 Review

The Yolks on You!
Writer: Mark Russell
Art: Stephen Byrne and Dave Sharpe
Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 10th, 2019

The Scrambler has given the world one month to fix everything-or else suffer "The Great Scramble," in this week’s all-new WONDER TWINS #6 by Mark Russell. Will the Wonder Twins put a stop to the Scrambler's plan or will an unexpected twist put Jayna in conflict with the Justice League? Let’s jump in and find out!


Readers that have wanted more of a Superhero story about the actual Wonder Twins than some type of platform for Mark Russell to share his thoughts on the world at large, get a bit of both in this issue. This reviewer actually enjoys the way Russell pokes at problems surrounding the world today. However, I can totally understand the first retort, which is that the comic doesn’t seem to be about the actual Wonder Twins at all. 

In addition, many readers feel as though Russell’s style lends more to ANY character and Jayna and Zan could easily be replaced with any two characters while having the same story told. As much as this reviewer loves Russell’s writing, including this issue, I would have to agree with that premise. Recently, the focus has been on social issues more than our specific heroes. However, this comic did focus a bit more on the Twins AND technically their powers were needed in order to stop “The Great Scramble”. Thus, with 6 more issue's to go, Russell may be heading towards a new direction poised with deeper Wonder Twin roots appeasing both sides of the coin.

In one act, the Scrambler was able to practically fix almost every issue in the world at once, put new laws protecting everyone in place, and set all human life first. Russell’s clever display of annoying villains with irritating and idiotic abilities actually drummed up a humorously genius take over. Whether it be Zombies, Darkseid, Alexander Luthor, Black Lanterns, the Anti-Monitor, or Dark Metal, a simple worldwide mind Scramble was able to bring the Justice League to its knees and practically fix the entire Earth in the process. Ironically, Scott Snyder and the World Forger just tried to fix the Earth making peace for everyone and failed. Isn't it funny that ”The Great Scramble” was possibly closer to seeing that vision happen? 

Russell created something so simple that initially appeared insanely stupid and made it devastatingly destructive showing that he’s more than capable of writing hero comics while dropping his own dose of social commentary on society. Additionally, this reviewer loved the insight into what would happen with “The Great Scramble”. At first, I thought it was just as silly as everyone else and took the idea as a joke. However, the more Russell pointed out the little nuances and effects the Scramble would have such as Superheroes abilities at the hands of anyone, people in political power having access to atomic weapons, families never being able to see their relatives again, and even people being placed in prison simply by a mind swap, it elevated this absurd, goofy, little mind swap to something crisis level. And again, while Russell manages to create a serious, villainous crisis capable of destroying billions of lives at once, he also coordinates a means of saving the world in the process showing you Russell's true potential as a writer.


If you’ve been reading WONDER TWINS so far, it’s probably the best, most well written, most inventive, and probably most thought-provoking issue to date. This is not an issue to jump into the series but it should make WONDER TWINS fans happy that he’s got 6 more issues to go and seems to be working towards a great mix of social commentary and Superhero story. That said, I hope that the last 6 issues will focus more on the characters, their abilities, and will pertain more to Zan and Jayna themselves. If Russell can do that moving forward, this very well could be one of the best comics he’s ever written. 


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