Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Green Lantern #10 Review

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Liam Sharp, Steve Oliff, and Tom Orzechowski
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 7, 2019

Twelve parallel worlds! Twelve Green Lanterns! And one unstoppable menace! Hal Jordan joins the Green Lanterns of the Multiverse-including Bat-Lantern, Tangent Green Lantern and more-to save a dying Multiverse, defeat the relentless Anti-Man and embark upon their "Quest for the Cosmic Grail"! It's another Morrison/Sharp science fantasy epic!

The issue opens 48 hours from last issue's big cliffhanger and we see a little of what led up to the meeting of some of the craziest Lanterns in the Multiverse.  We get the Flashlight of Earth-36, the hippie of Earth-47and the Bat Lantern of Earth-32.  It really is an assault on the mind and senses and while I wish I could get more in the mind of Grant Morrison to see the overall picture, we all know that is never happening.

That feeling never quite left me this entire issue.  I loved Liam Sharp's visuals and the imagination on the page is 100 times what we usually get at DC, but I always feel like I am never going to catch up with Morrison as he runs ahead of me leaving a wake of names, places, and concepts for me to try to latch onto.

When the issue gets to the counsel of Lanterns, I was intrigued and excited.  Grant Morrison is the king of the Multiverse at DC and just the idea of him exploring the space a little more is awesome.  We get the mention of the unnamed Earths that then gather a team of Lanterns to go on a rescue misson that sounds so cool.  

The issue ends with the team off into the Multiverse and Morrison shows you right away that this won't just be a window dressing walking tour filled with fun and games.  It begins as dark as you can imagine and sets up some major stakes and a cool cliffhanger that is cooler the more you look into it.

Grant Morrison is once again showing off his huge imagination and while it sometimes gets in the way of an easier to follow story, I am starting to get caught up in the fun of this book.  I guess that's what this is all about...comics are supposesed to be fun and there is a lot of fun to be had here.

Bits and Pieces:

Grant Morrison puts his imagination on full display and while the story is way out there and a little hard to grasp at times, the fun of it all wins out in the end.  Plus, Grant Morrison dealing with the Multiverse is always a good thing, right?


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