Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Flash #79 Review and *SPOILERS*

An Attack on Two Fronts

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Arif Prianto

Letters By: Steve Wands
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 25, 2019

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The Flash has really picked up in recent issues. This storyline with the new forces and them being hunted by the Black Flash has been incredibly entertaining and I’m enjoying it thoroughly. The previous issue ended on a huge cliffhanger with the Black Flash finally catching up with Psych and killing him before Flash was able to catch up. This opens a lot of new ways that this story can go now and I’m really excited to see how this story goes forward. Joshua Williamson may on occasion give us an uninspired story but when he hits his stride, the quality of his books go through the roof. So let’s just hop into this book and see where it takes us.

We begin inside of the new secret Flash lab where Commander Cold is still holding Fuerza and Steadfast. It doesn’t take long for Fuerza to release herself from her restraints though and quickly get her hands on Commander Cold. Their fight is quickly interrupted though as Flash returns with Psych’s body in his arms. He reveals what happened and Fuerza accuses him of being at fault since he left them behind. She takes a swing at him but Flash races around an knocks her on her butt before defusing the situation. Shocked by his speed, the team realizes that Barry is much faster and that it happened the moment that Psych was killed. The Speed Force got stronger. We cut to a skating rink where Lisa Snart is teaching children how to skate. In the middle of the lesson, she is interrupted by the Rogues who appear to her through the ice thanks to Mirror Master. They try to recruit her but she initially refuses. However, once her brother reveals that they are going to try a plan that she came up with a long time ago, her tone changes and she agrees to hear them out. 

Back in the lab, they analyze Psych’s body to find that the Sage Force has been completely severed from his body and Flash wants to everyone to learn more about the forces so that they can properly fight the Black Flash. Fuerza agrees to this and is inspired by Flash’s optimism. She opens a portal to the Strength Force so she and Commander Cold can understand it better. While they are inside, Flash and Steadfast will focus on the Still Force. After Fuerza leaves, Steadfast confronts Flash on the fact that he isn’t as optimistic as he is letting on. He doesn’t know how to fight the Black Flash. As the two leave the lab, they find Iris in the Flash Museum. It has been a while since the two of them saw each other so things are a little awkward. She talks about Kid Flash for a moment before moving the conversation to Wally. Wally is in bad shape and seems unwilling to talk to anyone, even Linda. She mentions her memories still being fuzzy and Steadfast offers to use his powers to help but Flash stops him immediately in order to keep him safe.

Suddenly, Flash sees the signs of an incoming speedster and he leaps into action but it isn’t the Black Flash. He sees instead that it is Hunter Zoloman. Hunter reveals that he has been watching Iris knowing that eventually the two of them would come into contact with each other. He then grabs hold of Steadfast and even though Barry jumps into action to try and stop him, Hunter snaps his fingers causing a sonic boom and uses the distraction to run away with his new hostage. However, just at this point, Black Flash is seen running up on them, assumingly chasing after Steadfast. We cut to a quick scene of Kid Flash and Avery taking down another Rogue. They notice that their speed is back and getting stronger so they feel that they can finally start taking down the big time Rogues. This is accented with a scene of the Rogues, finally reunited. This is where the issue leaves us. 

Well, we had a bit of a down issue this time with the Flash. Granted, it wasn’t bad and there are some really exciting parts of this book going forward but most of this issue is dealing with the fallout of Psych’s death and he just wasn’t a major character. So instead we have our heroes standing around talking about what scans of his body are telling them and how they have to work together (for the millionth time) in order to stop the attacks from the Black Flash. Then we meet up with Iris to talk about what’s going on with Wally. Honestly most of this issue is just our heroes standing around, catching others up on what’s going on with other storylines in the DC universe. Maybe that is important information to know, but it’s really boring to have most of an issue devoted to catching up the audience. At least the last few pages are very exciting and we finally have the Rogues reunited. Hopefully things will pick back up to where they were before this issue in the coming weeks.

Bits and Pieces:

As per usual, we get some amazing art in this issue of the Flash. However, if you were hoping the quality would remain high like the last few issues, you are sadly going to be disappointed. Two-thirds of this book is about one character telling other characters information that we mostly already know. The whole issue is kind of a slog to get through. Thankfully the last bit of this book gives us a really cool twist on the story we are currently telling and adds a new element of the conflict. Without it, this issue might have been a huge waste of time.


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