Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wonder Woman #79 Review

And Now All I Want Is A Smile

Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Scott Eaton and Wayne Faucher
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 25, 2019

I have spent these intro paragraphs talking about how much I was looking forward to G Willow Wilson's run and how disappointed in it I have been since it started.  I keep looking for the book to get better, but sadly it hasn't and Wilson's run is close to ending.  Oh well, I still don't know what went wrong besides some writers and characters don't mix well.  Let's check out this issue...

With Aphrodite dead, the world continues to be an utter mess.  It's an odd combination of lethargy and anger and while Wonder Woman (and many others in the book) seem like they have mono or something, others are rioting like it's 1999.  The thing that I don't get and it is something that is even brought up in this issue...almost all the other gods are gone as well, yet we never got any problems like this because of it.  Very odd.

The issue continues with Maggie heading to Summergrove to talk to Atlantiades and this felt odd as well.  It was a big moment in this series for Maggie to decide to stay on Themyscira when Wonder Woman left, but all the weight and stakes were just taken away here.  I still think Atlantiades will become the new Goddess/God of Love and Maggie hints at it here even as Atlantiades shoots it down a bit.  We continue (for a bit too long) with Maggie and Atlantiades deciding to help Wonder Woman out as if that was such a hard decision before heading off to see Cheetah looking for Diana.

While she does find her, we quickly see that Veronica Cale is on the "Cheetah Offer Case" where she uses a shredder as a threat (btw Veronica, you can get copies of a PHD) and then goes off to do some big game hunting with a sniper rifle.  Yep, put Veronica Cale on the list of DC characters Wilson struggles with.

We finish the issue with Wonder Woman realizing that armor and weapons are no match...for make-believe armor and weapons,  Diana can act like a badass and Steve Trevor and Diana's new song is "Love on the Rocks".  And while it "ain't no surprise" since love is dead at the moment, this feels like it's going to stick and that sucks!  It really seems like Steve is gone because Wilson never could figure out what to do with him.

Well, this issue was pretty bad.  Bad as a Wonder Woman issue, bad as a Year of the Villain issue.  Bad in a boring, nothing much going on kind of way and while the art is serviceable, there is nothing here that makes me want to read this book until Steve Orlando takes over in a few months.

Bits and Pieces:

This book is an uninspired collection of characters and moments (but not many character moments mind you) that keep going nowhere...slow.  G Willow Wilson never seemed to get comfortable on this book and since she announced she would be leaving it soon, we are in lame-duck territory.  I need a Wonder Woman book that I can love and sadly, this isn't it.


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